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Re: [council] RE: [gnso-otf-dt] Motion - Outreach task force charter

  • To: "Dykes, Roy" <Roy.Dykes@xxxxxxxxxxx>, "gnso-otf-dt@xxxxxxxxx" <gnso-otf-dt@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Subject: Re: [council] RE: [gnso-otf-dt] Motion - Outreach task force charter
  • From: Julie Hedlund <julie.hedlund@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 8 Nov 2011 07:16:43 -0800

Roy et al.,

The Council deferred consideration of the motion from its meeting in Dakar to 
its next meeting on 17 November to give the Stakeholder Groups and 
Constituencies more time to provide comments if they need it.  I have not seen 
any comments thus far, but if I receive any I will send them on to all of you.

In any case, the motion is on the agenda for the meeting next week and will 
almost certainly be dealt with one way or another since more than one deferral 
of a motion usually is not allowed.

Best regards,


On 11/8/11 9:02 AM, "Dykes, Roy" <Roy.Dykes@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Dear OTF Draft Charter Team,

I apologize as I was not able to attend the meetings in Dakar.

Is there an update as to the review of the draft charter during the meetings in 

Thank you and sincerely,
--Roy Dykes
Roy Dykes
Neustar, Inc. / Senior Product Manager, Registry
21575 Ridgetop Circle, Sterling, VA 20166
Office: +1.571.434.3521  Mobile: +1.571.425.1630 Fax: +1.571.434.5302 / 
Roy.Dykes@xxxxxxxxxxx / www.neustar.biz <http://www.neustar.biz/>

From: owner-gnso-otf-dt@xxxxxxxxx [mailto:owner-gnso-otf-dt@xxxxxxxxx] On 
Behalf Of Glen de Saint Géry
Sent: Wednesday, October 19, 2011 8:31 AM
To: Stéphane Van Gelder; HughesDeb@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Cc: olgacavalli@xxxxxxxxx; council@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx; gnso-otf-dt@xxxxxxxxx; Julie 
Subject: RE: [council] RE: [gnso-otf-dt] Motion - Outreach task force charter

This is posted on the motion Wiki.

thank you.
Kind regards,


De : owner-gnso-otf-dt@xxxxxxxxx [mailto:owner-gnso-otf-dt@xxxxxxxxx] De la 
part de Stéphane Van Gelder
Envoyé : mercredi 19 octobre 2011 12:40
À : HughesDeb@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Cc : olgacavalli@xxxxxxxxx; council@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx; gnso-otf-dt@xxxxxxxxx; 
Julie Hedlund
Objet : Re: [council] RE: [gnso-otf-dt] Motion - Outreach task force charter

Thanks to the both of you.

This will be added to the agenda for our Dakar meeting.

Glen, please add the motion to the wiki.


Le 18 oct. 2011 à 22:41, <HughesDeb@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> a écrit :

I second this motion.


Debra Y. Hughes l Senior Counsel
American Red Cross

Office of the General Counsel
2025 E Street, NW
Washington, D.C. 20006
Phone: (202) 303-5356
Fax: (202) 303-0143
HughesDeb@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx <mailto:HughesDeb@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>


From: owner-gnso-otf-dt@xxxxxxxxx [mailto:owner-gnso-otf-dt@xxxxxxxxx] On 
Behalf Of Olga Cavalli
Sent: Tuesday, October 18, 2011 4:30 PM
To: GNSO Council
Cc: gnso-otf-dt@xxxxxxxxx; Julie Hedlund
Subject: [gnso-otf-dt] Motion - Outreach task force charter

Dear Councillors,
I am submitting the following motion to be considered during our next meeting 
in Dakar.
Best regards


Made by: Olga Cavalli Seconded by:

WHEREAS, in October 2008, the GNSO Council established a framework for 
implementing the various GNSO Improvements 
http://www.icann.org/en/minutes/resolutions-26jun08.htm identified and approved 
by the ICANN Board of Directors on 26 June 2008;

WHEREAS, that framework included the formation, in January 2009, of two 
Steering Committees, the Operations Steering Committee (OSC) and the Policy 
Process Steering Committee (PPSC), to charter and coordinate the efforts of 
five community work teams in developing specific recommendations to implement 
the improvements;

WHEREAS, the OSC established three work teams, including the Constituency and 
Stakeholder Group Operations Work Team, which were chartered to focus on 
specific operational areas addressed in the Board Governance Committee (BGC) 
Report recommendations; 

WHEREAS, one of the recommendations in BGC Report was to develop and implement 
a targeted outreach program to explore the formation of new constituency groups;

WHEREAS, the Constituency and Stakeholder Group Operations Work Team (CSG-WT) 
was tasked with developing the recommendations on a global outreach program and 
submitted the document to the OSC for consideration on 21 January 2011;

WHEREAS, the OSC submitted to the GNSO Council on 14 February 2011 the document 
“Recommendations to Develop a Global Outreach Program to Broaden Participation 
in the 

WHEREAS, at its meeting on 24 February 2011 the GNSO Council accepted the 
document and directed staff to submit the document for 45 days in the ICANN 
Public Comment Forum;

WHEREAS, at its meeting on 19 May 2011 the GNSO Council determined that as 
there were no public comments that required changes to the document the work of 
the OSC with respect to the global outreach program recommendations was 
complete and directed staff to seek volunteers to form a Outreach Task Force 
Charter Drafting Team (OTF DT);

WHEREAS, an OTF DT was formed and it drafted a Charter that it presented to the 
GNSO Council Chair on 08 September 2011;

WHEREAS, the GNSO Council Chair sent the Draft Charter to the GNSO Council and 
asked Councilors to share the document with their respective groups and to 
provide comments by 10 October 2011;

WHEREAS, on 18 October 2011 the OTF DT provided to the GNSO Council a revised 
Draft Charter [insert link] based on comments it received;


RESOLVED, that the GNSO Council approves the Draft Charter [insert link], 
thanks the OTF DT for its efforts on this important initiative, and dissolves 
the OTF DT;

RESOLVED FURTHER, that the GNSO Council requests staff to seek volunteers for 
Chair and Vice Chair of the OTF.

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