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RE: [gnso-sti] Missing e-mail and minor correction to v5

  • To: gnso sti <gnso-sti@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Subject: RE: [gnso-sti] Missing e-mail and minor correction to v5
  • From: Alan Greenberg <alan.greenberg@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 10 Dec 2009 20:21:56 -0500

That would indeed do it. Not sure exactly what my current max is, but I'm pretty sure it isn't that large.

Such mails used to bounce back to sender, but I suspect these days they are just dropped to keep large mails from continually bouncing back and forth.

The actual PDF of the letter (http://gnso.icann.org/correspondence/beckstrom-to-gnso-council-12oct09-en.pdf) is only 737 KB, so if you add it after converting the report to PDF, it will be tiny (no report page numbers on letter though, unless you put them on using the Acrobat Typewriter feature).


At 10/12/2009 05:54 PM, Margie Milam wrote:
Thanks Alan,

I wonder if it is because of the size of the document? When I added the Board Letter picture, for some reason the size of the file was quite large-- 26MB instead of 352 KB from yesterday's document.

Hopefully all of you can access it on the archives.

All the Best,


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Subject: [gnso-sti] Missing e-mail and minor correction to v5

I noticed several replies with "v5" in the subject and first thought
they were in error, but I just checked the archives and see that
Margie did send out a v5 version at 9 am PST today. I didn't receive
it (checked all of my mail boxes including spam) - just wanted to let
others know in case I was not the only one.

I found one minor correction - URS 4.2 - in my last corrections, I
neglected to say to delete the word "Default" from the text of the
recommendation (same reason as deleting it from the title).


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