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[gnso-vi-feb10] chat transcript from the call today.

  • To: vertical integration wg <Gnso-vi-feb10@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Subject: [gnso-vi-feb10] chat transcript from the call today.
  • From: "Mike O'Connor" <mike@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 8 Nov 2010 12:34:07 -0600

hi all,

here's the chat from today's call.


Begin forwarded message:

> From: mike@xxxxxxxxxx
> Date: November 8, 2010 12:32:53 PM CST
> To: mike@xxxxxxxxxx
> Subject: Adobe Acrobat Connect Pro - Chat Transcript from Vertical Integration
> Reply-To: mike@xxxxxxxxxx
>  Baudouin Schombé:Good evening Margie, I am obliged to be absent from this 
> meeting. I just got an urgent call and should I move. Even over the phone, I 
> can not participate because I'm driving.
>  Margie Milam:Thanks for letting me know Baudouin
>  CLO:getting a bit of crackle again here can you mute me in meeting view and 
> I'll ping you here to unmute  me as needs be please Mikey?  Mostly I can type 
> any way ;-)
>  Kathy Kleiman:Greetings all!!
>  ken stubbs:greetings 
>  CLO:Hi Ken
>  ken stubbs:any news from the board retreat ?
>  Kathy Kleiman:I have the same question!
>  Eric Brunner-Williams:@ken, there are the minutes from the 26th
>  Margie Milam:Sorry,  I have no information from the Board retreat.
>  Eric Brunner-Williams:the longer record shows the board passed on the vi 
> agenda item for time reasons
>  CLO:Yup  this report seem the right next step to bat thimhs accross to the 
> GNSO Councill so if it standss as drafted GREAT  if it makes Cartagena  
> (really their call if it does as drafted now  as to which Agenda they make 
> it)  then equaly  timely
>  CLO:Well done Margie!
>  Eric Brunner-Williams:clap hands!!!
>  Kathy Kleiman:+1
>  ken stubbs:what longer record are you referring to eric ?
>  Berry Cobb:My intent for the "plan forward" was not to go back to the 
> council.  However, I now support this because this WG will not move for\ward 
> without budget to engage experts.
>  ken stubbs:the 26th
>  Margie Milam:Thanks everyone!
>  Berry Cobb:Thank you Margie.
>  CLO:thanks all
>  Kathy Kleiman:That's it - wow, another great job, Mikey!
>  Kathy Kleiman:Tx Margie!
>  Eric Brunner-Williams:a 90 minute gift of life!
>  Jothan Frakes:I like this call!  I got an extra hour of sleep saturday 
> night, and I get 90 minutes back this morning.   
>  avri:(-: Eric (only about 67 minutes)
>  CLO:Agree with Ken   keep the soaces in the calendar  *just in case*
>  Jothan Frakes:lol ken
>  CLO:spaces
>  avri:hoorah for empty spaces
>  CLO:Bye all
>  Jothan Frakes:thanks all
>  Katrin Ohlmer:bye
>  CLO:Thanks  SOOOOO  MUUCHH Mikey 
>  avri:Thanks to the co chairs, thanks to the staff wranglers.
>  Jothan Frakes:Thank you mikey and roberto for co-chairing
>  avri:bye all.
>  Sivasubramanian M:Bye Mikey, we are going to miss you as C0-Chair
>  Phil Buckingham:Great Job Mikey -thanks
>  avri:can we have a poll on Mikey leaving the co-chair role?
>  Mike O'Connor:LOL

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