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Re: [gtld-council] Dates for a possible physical meeting in Brussels

  • To: harris@xxxxxxxxxxxxx, tom@xxxxxxxxxx
  • Subject: Re: [gtld-council] Dates for a possible physical meeting in Brussels
  • From: "Marilyn Cade" <marilynscade@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 05 Apr 2006 23:21:32 -0400

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<P>can we please see a spread sheet from staff with the options. We seem to be doing most of 
the work and a spread sheet from staff with the options will faciliate Councilor/TF members abilty to 
make "selections".</P>
<P>Tom, thanks for checking with DeNIC. I would support that as a meeting location, if they are willing 
to bear with the demands of support for remote participation. I've also just spoken to Bruce about our starting 
to do web meetings so that documents are able to be viewed remotely.And, we need to simply purchse the 
necessary equipment and install it and then insist that it be used. I am not sure that MdR or Brussels have 
sufficient "rooms" to support what we need at this point in space,and I don't think that is the issue 
to focus on. It is easy to just suggest to ICANN that they "buy", but instead, I'd like to focus on 
how to support remote participation, since we don';t watn to be limited to moving people to Brussels or MdR, 
although that is good for future in face meetings. </P>
<P>Instead,&nbsp; I'd make it a priority to 1) start using web meeting software 2) 
purchase a few microphones, extender mikes, etc. and 3) do real time transcription [after the 
fact translation of MP3 recordings is good and appropriate for the conf. calls that Council 
holds, , but not the same for full participation of councilors whne a meeting is underway, so 
in certain circumstances, we need real time transcription, or a form of scribbing that is 
summary type scribbing... but the point is that we need to insist now, and initiate now, real 
support for remote participation. </P>
<P>As to the time of the Euroepan meeting, I will do my best, within the limits 
<P>1) not first week of May</P>
<P>2) not 5/19</P>
<P>3) not 5/29-30, with travel limiations on both sides</P>
<P>I have an absolute date that I must be in Missouri. It is possible that I will 
miss our Council meeting in Europe, if those are the only dates. They are 5/29-30. 
<P>I apologize that this is a public list, but we don't have a private council only 
list for communications related to scheduling, and thus I have no choice but to use this 
list. Perhaps this will serve as the emphasis for staff to set up a adm issues only list 
that we can do stuff like this on, since I suspect even those who advocate transparency to 
teh nth degree might be bored by our looking at each others calendars. :-) </P>
<P>Due to family health issues I must be in MIssouri on 5/29-30. While I can miss 
birthdays of my elderly parents, and spent my own birthday at ICANN meetings, and have done 
both,&nbsp;I can't not be in Missouri for those dates. I can work around them though, and 
will. </P>
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<DIV></DIV>From:&nbsp;&nbsp;<I>"Anthony Harris" &lt;harris@xxxxxxxxxxxxx&gt;</I><BR>To:&nbsp;&nbsp;<I>"Thomas Keller" &lt;tom@xxxxxxxxxx&gt;, "Marilyn Cade" &lt;marilynscade@xxxxxxxxxxx&gt;</I><BR>CC:&nbsp;&nbsp;<I>"Tom Keller" &lt;tom@xxxxxxxxxx&gt;, &lt;owner-gtld-council@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx&gt;, "Bruce Tonkin" &lt;bruce.tonkin@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx&gt;, &lt;gtld-council@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx&gt;</I><BR>Subject:&nbsp;&nbsp;<I>Re: [gtld-council] Dates for a possible physical meeting in Brussels</I><BR>Date:&nbsp;&nbsp;<I>Wed, 5 Apr 2006 14:53:02 -0300</I><BR>&gt;Just thought I should mention there is a LACNIC annual<BR>&gt;meeting in Guatemala on May 22-26th. Its very likely I<BR>&gt;may have to be there...<BR>&gt;<BR>&gt;Tony Harris<BR>&gt;<BR>&gt;----- Original Message ----- From: "Thomas Keller" &lt;tom@xxxxxxxxxx&gt;<BR>&gt;To: "Marilyn Cade" &lt;marilynscade@xxxxxxxxxxx&gt;<BR>&gt;Cc: "Tom Keller" &lt;tom@xxxxxxxxxx&gt;; <BR>&gt;&lt;owner-gtld-council@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx&gt;; "Bruce Tonkin" <BR>&gt;&lt;bruce.tonkin@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx&gt;; &lt;gtld-council@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx&gt;<BR>&gt;Sent: Wednesday, April 05, 2006 8:04 AM<BR>&gt;Subject: Re: [gtld-council] Dates for a possible physical meeting in <BR>&gt;Brussels<BR>&gt;<BR>&gt;<BR>&gt;&gt;Marilyn, all,<BR>&gt;&gt;<BR>&gt;&gt;both dates, before or after the meeting, would be fine with me as <BR>&gt;&gt;long as<BR>&gt;&gt;it is in Barcelona. Thought that parts of our discussion could be <BR>&gt;&gt;public<BR>&gt;&gt;I imagine that this would be a very interessting contribution to <BR>&gt;&gt;all<BR>&gt;&gt;participants of the Registrar meeting.<BR>&gt;&gt;<BR>&gt;&gt;Alternatively I would suggest to hold the meeting in Frankfurt (for <BR>&gt;&gt;the<BR>&gt;&gt;very selfish reason that I won't be able to participate on three<BR>&gt;&gt;meetings in the intercourse of a bit more than one month).<BR>&gt;&gt;I already talked to DENIC and they would be ready to accommodate a <BR>&gt;&gt;location<BR>&gt;&gt;for our meeting.<BR>&gt;&gt;<BR>&gt;&gt;Best,<BR>&gt;&gt;<BR>&gt;&gt;tom<BR>&gt;&gt;<BR>&gt;&gt;Am 29.03.2006 schrieb Marilyn Cade:<BR>&gt;&gt;&gt;Tom, since the registrars meet 5/24-26, could you suggest what <BR>&gt;&gt;&gt;days wk for you for separate Council TF on new gTLDs? Before? Or <BR>&gt;&gt;&gt;after?<BR>&gt;&gt;&gt;Regards,<BR>&gt;&gt;&gt;Marilyn Cade<BR>&gt;&gt;&gt;<BR>&gt;&gt;&gt;<BR>&gt;&gt;&gt;-----Original Message-----<BR>&gt;&gt;&gt;From: Thomas Keller &lt;tom@xxxxxxxxxx&gt;<BR>&gt;&gt;&gt;Date: Wed, 29 Mar 2006 09:39:43<BR>&gt;&gt;&gt;To:Bruce Tonkin &lt;Bruce.Tonkin@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx&gt;<BR>&gt;&gt;&gt;Cc:gtld-council@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx<BR>&gt;&gt;&gt;Subject: Re: [gtld-council] Dates for a possible physical meeting <BR>&gt;&gt;&gt;in Brussels<BR>&gt;&gt;&gt;<BR>&gt;&gt;&gt;As far as I know there is a ICANN European Registrar meeting <BR>&gt;&gt;&gt;scheduled<BR>&gt;&gt;&gt;for the 24-26 of May in Barcelona. If possible in any way I would<BR>&gt;&gt;&gt;like to recommend to use this venue for a intermediate meeting <BR>&gt;&gt;&gt;before<BR>&gt;&gt;&gt;Marrakech.<BR>&gt;&gt;&gt;<BR>&gt;&gt;&gt;Best,<BR>&gt;&gt;&gt;<BR>&gt;&gt;&gt;tom<BR>&gt;&gt;&gt;<BR>&gt;&gt;&gt;Am 29.03.2006 schrieb Bruce Tonkin:<BR>&gt;&gt;&gt; &gt; Hello All,<BR>&gt;&gt;&gt; &gt;<BR>&gt;&gt;&gt; &gt; At the end of our meeting on Sunday the committee discussed <BR>&gt;&gt;&gt;possibly<BR>&gt;&gt;&gt; &gt; holding another physical meeting - e.g a 3 day meeting in <BR>&gt;&gt;&gt;Brussels.<BR>&gt;&gt;&gt; &gt;<BR>&gt;&gt;&gt; &gt; Please send a note to the list (or to the GNSO Secretariat) <BR>&gt;&gt;&gt;regarding<BR>&gt;&gt;&gt; &gt; some suggested dates, or dates when there are major events that <BR>&gt;&gt;&gt;involve<BR>&gt;&gt;&gt; &gt; members of the ICANN community between now and the ICANN <BR>&gt;&gt;&gt;meeting in<BR>&gt;&gt;&gt; &gt; Marrakech, Morocco (26-30 June 2006).<BR>&gt;&gt;&gt; &gt;<BR>&gt;&gt;&gt; &gt;<BR>&gt;&gt;&gt; &gt; Regards,<BR>&gt;&gt;&gt; &gt; Bruce<BR>&gt;&gt;&gt; &gt;<BR>&gt;&gt;&gt; &gt;<BR>&gt;&gt;&gt; &gt;<BR>&gt;&gt;&gt;<BR>&gt;&gt;&gt;Gruss,<BR>&gt;&gt;&gt;<BR>&gt;&gt;&gt;tom<BR>&gt;&gt;&gt;<BR>&gt;&gt;&gt;(__)<BR>&gt;&gt;&gt;(OO)_____<BR>&gt;&gt;&gt;(oo)&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;/|\ A cow is not entirely full of<BR>&gt;&gt;&gt;&nbsp;&nbsp; | |--/ | *&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;milk some of it is hamburger!<BR>&gt;&gt;&gt;&nbsp;&nbsp; w w w&nbsp;&nbsp;w<BR>&gt;&gt;<BR>&gt;&gt;Gruss,<BR>&gt;&gt;<BR>&gt;&gt;tom<BR>&gt;&gt;<BR>&gt;&gt;(__)<BR>&gt;&gt;(OO)_____<BR>&gt;&gt;(oo)&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;/|\ A cow is not entirely full of<BR>&gt;&gt;&nbsp;&nbsp;| |--/ | *&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;milk some of it is hamburger!<BR>&gt;&gt;&nbsp;&nbsp;w w w&nbsp;&nbsp;w<BR>&gt;&gt;<BR>&gt;&gt;<BR>&gt;<BR></FONT></BLOCKQUOTE></div></html>

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