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RE: [gtld-council] Monday 4 Sept - USA/Canada public holiday

  • To: "'Bruce Tonkin'" <Bruce.Tonkin@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>, <gtld-council@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Subject: RE: [gtld-council] Monday 4 Sept - USA/Canada public holiday
  • From: "Marilyn Cade" <marilynscade@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 12 Jul 2006 23:07:19 -0400

I don't believe it is realistic to hold two face to face meetings/with as
much overlap as exists, on the two PDPs, in the August and Sept. time
frames. I don't believe it is possible to hold a meeting in late August,
given the Labor Day holiday. Labor Day is a much beloved 'last summer'
holiday that often has families traveling back from beach houses, spending
the four day week end, etc. so asking people to give up the early part of
the holiday -- e.g. Sept. 1,2.3 {for travel] makes Labor day a conflict for
many in North America. 

For instance, two separate meetings means that the TF members pay to fund
two 3 day trips, in a 60 day period, and spend up to 6-7 days, including
That is a large commitment, in addition to constituency work; online work,
conf. calls, etc. 

Can we consolidate the two meetings; put them back to back, and cut them
down at least for travel cots and time? And avoid Labor Day week end.

I understand that means a challenge to you, Bruce. I've taken that into
account as I have analyzed the costs of two trips, financially and time
wise, for TF participants. 

I am not comfortable that there is ICNAN funding for the policy work/travel,
so it is 'my money" I am talking about spending, and even if I were spending
ICANN's money, I have to be judicious about two trips/time, etc. 

Regards, Marilyn Cade

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Subject: [gtld-council] Monday 4 Sept - USA/Canada public holiday

Note I have been informed that Monday 4 September is the Labour Day
public holiday in USA and Canada.

Please let me or Glen know if that is a major issue with respect to the
proposal below.

Bruce Tonkin

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> Sent: Tuesday, 11 July 2006 4:03 PM
> To: gtld-council@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
> Subject: [gtld-council] Proposed date for a face-to-face 
> meeting on PDP-Dec05 - new gTLDs and possibly IDNs as well - 
> 31 Aug to 2 Sept 2006
> Hello All,
> In Marrakech, the GNSO Council discussed holding another 
> face-to-face meeting to complete the work of the new gTLD 
> policy development process to produce a Final Report ready 
> for consideration by the GNSO Council.
> I am also hopeful that in the GNSO Council meeting on 20 July 
> 2006 we can initiate the policy development process on 
> IDN-gTLDs.  I think it would be useful to spend a day 
> considering the special nature of new
> IDN-gTLDs.   During the GNSO Public Forum some members of the ICANN
> community expressed the view that IDN based new gTLDs may be 
> more urgent than more gTLDs based on the latin script.
> I have a narrow window when I would be available to chair a 
> meeting between now and Sao Paulo.
> I am available very late in August 2006, or very early in 
> September 2006.
> I have had a initial discussion with the policy staff, and 
> the dates I propose is:
> Thursday 31 August 2006 to Saturday 2 September 2006
> With respect to location I am flexible.   If we hold it in 
> Europe in may
> be more convenient for the policy development staff.  If we 
> hold it in Marina Del Ray, USA - it may be useful to engage 
> the operational ICANN staff including staff in the General 
> Counsel's office - particularly as we begin to focus on the 
> implementation of the policy recommendations, and also begin 
> to consider IDNs further.
> Given the last meeting was in Europe, it may be appropriate 
> to hold this next meeting in the USA.
> Please advise via this mailing list, or to the GNSO 
> Secretariat, if you would be available on the dates above, 
> and whether you have a strong view on location.
> Regards,
> Bruce Tonkin

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