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Re: [gtld-council] new TLDs Work Plan 2007

  • To: "Bret Fausett" <bfausett@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Subject: Re: [gtld-council] new TLDs Work Plan 2007
  • From: Liz Williams <liz.williams@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 6 Dec 2006 21:58:25 +0100


You must have misunderstood what was contemplated. As you are aware, there has been much discussion and input from a wide range of stakeholders at this meeting and we are yet to have substantive discussions with the GAC.

We are not in a position to release a final Draft Report until consultations have taken place with the other SOs and ACs. In addition, the GNSO IDN Working Group has just begun its work and there are elements of that work that are highly relevant to the new TLDs report as a whole.

You are also aware that we are entering the Christmas season and, whilst work will be continuing, it will not be at the current rate. You are also aware that Committee members are committed to two other PDPs.

If we can bring the dates forward we will do that but we must ensure that we have adequate clarification of the draft recommendations as they stand -- the Committee needs to do more there; we must ensure we have input from other stakeholders and we must ensure that we, as closely as possible, post documentation that allows sufficient time to consider many other views.


Liz Williams
Senior Policy Counselor
ICANN - Brussels
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On 06 Dec 2006, at 21:21, Bret Fausett wrote:

I'm confused. I was under the impression that our report was close to
complete and that shortly we would be in a position to submit the report to the Board (December 2006-January, 2007). My expectation was that an RFP for new TLDs would be forthcoming in ICANN's Q4 (April-June 2007), with new TLD applications submitted in ICANN's Q1 (July-October, 2007). Keep in mind Board Resolution 06.23,* which called upon the GNSO to complete its part of
the work by January 1, 2007, so that ICANN could move forward with
implementation. Certainly conducting final consultations in Lisbon, at the end of March, is far beyond what I contemplated, and well outside of the
Board resolution.

If I'm reading the proposal correctly, the dates in this timeline
contemplate three more drafts: the first by 26 January 2007, the second by
26 February 2007, and a third and final sometime "[b]etween Lisbon and
Puerto Rico meeting." ** That's two too many drafts and at least five months more than necessary. Under the PDP (Annex A to the Bylaws ***), we need to provide 20 days public comment on the report. 10 days after this comment period, we need to produce a final report, which can be voted on by the

My suggestion is that we call the comment period as soon as possible, on the current text or something very close to it. To the extent constituencies have not yet commented, they can do so in the public comment period. During the 10 day revision period, I recommend that we take upon ourselves, as the Council, the job of producing the next iteration of the report, with Staff assistance as necessary and appropriate. And yes, I'll be replaced soon on the Council, but I will stay involved, on behalf of the ALAC, in the two PDPs underway until they wind up. I'm not passing this to someone else. ;-) I would volunteer to be part of a small drafting committee to produce the
final text during that 10 day window.

If we follow this path, we could be in a position to forward the Board a
report by the end of January, 2007.

      -- Bret

* http://www.icann.org/minutes/resolutions-31mar06.html


15 December 2006: send AC and SO correspondence seeking input

20 December 2006: Constituency's submit comments on draft Final Report to
gtld-council list [BC already submitted]

26 January 2007:  Release updated version of draft Final Report
incorporating Sao Paulo inputs, updated constituency positions, placemarker
for GAC public policy principles, restructured report with principles,
policy recommendations and implementation guidelines

6 February 2007: Committee conference call to discuss updated draft Final Report; confirm whether F2F meeting is necessary to complete Final Report in preparation for Lisbon meeting; submit Final Report to Council for voting
and transmittal.

26 February 2007: Post Final Report and commence formal public comment

26 - 30 March 2007:  ICANN meeting Lisbon.  Finalise consultations and
inputs; consider public comments; conduct another implementation/ policy

Between Lisbon and Puerto Rico meeting finalise Board Report and continue to prepare implementation plan. Further dates to be prepared closer to the

25 - 30 June 2007:  Puerto Rico meeting

*** http://www.icann.org/general/bylaws.htm#AnnexA

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