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Cost consideration for the new gTLDs: where equity does not have a sense

  • To: <gtld-intro@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Subject: Cost consideration for the new gTLDs: where equity does not have a sense
  • From: yassin shazly <yassin_shazly@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 2 Dec 2008 22:59:17 +0000

During the Cairo meeting, we listened to a very long and interesting debate 
regarding equity contribution between new gTLDs candidates and their homologue 
for multilingual IDNS. I guess the same question can be also asked within the 
new gTLDs candidates themselves. For example, a candidate for .CANCER or 
.HEALTH, aiming to increase awareness for certain diseases, should pay the same 
application fees as the candidate for .CAR or .PETROL, searching to prompt 
industries. In other words, the fees amount, 185,000 USD, should be applied for 
profit as well as non-profit applications? Are we in a position where one seize 
can fit all? This is the question. 
In order to give an answer, we must at first determine what is meant by equity? 
As we all know, it is the same treatment for persons in similar positions and 
different treatment for those in non similar position. So the key answer is to 
know whether or not profit non-profit candidates are in the same position. 
Several criteria’s can guide us in this regard. 
The public aimed: someone can advance that the fact the a TLD does not aim in 
all cases an international or large public; it must be exempted from fees. So 
the smaller target you have the lower fess you should pay. This remark can be 
only made for certain ccTLDs that are attributed in order to serve for local 
communities. But, we have already seen ccTLD, like .TV, that is used by the 
international community for television and communication profession wider than 
the RFC determine. On the same note, we have seen already gTLDS, like .AERO, 
that serve for a small community. So this criteria is really superficial as 
some CC are acting as G and the inverse is correct. 
The registration policy: other can argue that registration policy can be 
valuable criteria that differentiate between CC and G. as far are we know, CC 
have the reputation to be closed zones where the rule “first come, first 
served” is subordinated to the verification of the holder right. Actually, this 
is no longer true, as many CC are open zones where the required name can be 
registered without need to proof a legal right, trademark, on this name. On 
parallel, certain gTLDs have strict registration policy, as for example .NAME.
The commercial dimension: It is true also that many CC have very low 
registration rate and therefore do not charge registration. But that is not the 
case in developing countries where the use of Internet is a social phenomenon. 
Furthermore, a non-profit applicant for a new gTLDS is not in the same shoes of 
a CC who has the mission to service his national community. A ccTLD is the 
property of the county that can decide to charge it or not.  
It is true that a new GTLD can serve for cultural and identical bases, like 
.AFRICA, .MED for Mediterranean countries.  In this case, is there a mandate to 
serve interest of certain community? Does registration would be charged or not? 
And if not, what if the string is not charged at the beginning and after 
several years the situation changes and the zone become exploited on commercial 
Frankly speaking, I don’t think that the question of the application fees with 
new gTLDs candidates must be resolved in terms of equity, but rather in 
politics. Does the DNS play a role on the cultural diversity? If yes, what is 
the ICANN’s legitimacy, regarding the Bylaws and the international community, 
to take such actions? Why the new gTLDs are created; to increase the fanatical 
value or to play other role?  
I guess identifying our goals and our role must be redefined in order to take 
into account the impact of different communities’ needs and the increasing 
effect of Internet governance? If the introduction of multilingualism and IDNs 
satisfied certain the countries demand, the GTLD is considered to be on 
commercial bases to satisfy business. So each new politics must conserve it’s 
Thanks, Yassin el shazly,  
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