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Request for clarifications regarding ICANN Board comments

  • To: "Icg-Forum@Icann. Org" <icg-forum@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Subject: Request for clarifications regarding ICANN Board comments
  • From: "Richard Hill" <rhill@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sat, 27 Dec 2014 13:38:14 +0100

I refer to:


The ICANN Board states "NTIA has made it clear that consensus from the
community includes the ICANN Board".

It was my understanding that the present process was initiated by ICANN at
the request of the NITA.  The present process is thus an ICANN process and
its output will represent the results of that ICANN process.

So I don't understand why the ICANN Board apparently considers itself a
separate entity from ICANN itself.

Further, there are different understandings of what constitutes "consensus",
so I would appreciate knowing whether, in the view of the ICANN Board,
"consensus" in this process implies that no proposal can be implemented that
is not approved by the ICANN Board.  That is, is the ICANN Board of the view
that it has veto power over proposals coming out of the process that it
itself initiated?

The ICANN Board states: "With respect to operation of the IANA functions, we
believe that the creation of a separate ‘contracting’ entity not only poses
risks when weighed against the NTIA Criteria, including potential future DNS
security and stability risks, it also overreaches".

But, at preent, there is a separate contracting entity: NTIA.  So how is it
"overreaching" to propose something that actually continues the status quo?

The ICANN Board states: "ICANN was created and purpose-built to be the
permanent and robust home of the IANA functions". If is was created to be
the "permanent" home of those functions, then why did the NTIA issue RFPs
for the IANA functions contract in 2011 and 2012? See:


I would appreciate clarifications of these queries.

Thanks and best,

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