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Public comment: No to the .xxx domain

  • To: icm-options-report@xxxxxxxxx
  • Subject: Public comment: No to the .xxx domain
  • From: "Bianca" <bianca@xxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sat, 27 Mar 2010 21:26:12 +0100

My reasons to oppose the .xxx domain are these:

1) The people behind the .xxx are nothing else than a private enterprise
with no links to the Government and no
links to the adult industry. The only reason this company is applying
for a .xxx TLD has is no other than profit, 
as simple as that, dressed up a little bit to make it look like they
care about anything other than their profits.

2) The .xxx domain does not have the support of the adult industry and
it does not have the support of the Government,
they simply have made a case all by themselves with no support from
anyone anywhere.

3)The .xxx wants to place all "pornography" on a single TLD, but the
definition of what constitutes "pornography" 
is open to interpretation depending on people's ideology, this can only
lead to conflicts.

4) Any TLD, such as .xxx which attempts to reduce the availability of
certain confining it to only certain TLD, is
harmful to free speech, this goes against the internet spirit.

5) The creation of a .xxx domain will make parents believe their
children can not come across "pornography" because there is
an .xxx domain for this. This will endanger child safety giving a false
sense of security as websites with adult content will
 stay out of it and people will be misled.

6) The .xxx final target is to regulate an industry it knows nothing
about, they do this in exchange for profit, they are not an
NGO. No private company should be in charge to regulate any social
activity, that is why we have politicians.

Summing it up, the .xxx domain has no support from anyone, they provide
no useful service to anyone, they create confusions, they 
limit free speech, endanger children safety online and ultimately will
create lots of conflicts attempting to decide what constitutes
"adult" content.

Yours sincerely

Adult webmaster of Nudes10.com

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