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The never ending ICANN Hoax on IDNs

  • To: idn-cctld-issues@xxxxxxxxx
  • Subject: The never ending ICANN Hoax on IDNs
  • From: Joe Baptista <baptista@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 20 Dec 2007 10:19:37 -0500

IDN is a black hole that ICANN hopes the Internet community falls into. And we don't have that much time to play these never ending ICANN games of "pretend we know what were doing". ICANNs IDN mission can be best explained as a response to a crisis. Many ccTLDs have launched IDNs. Examples include China MII, the Arab countries, the internet independent IRAN and this includes commercial interests like i-dns. Then we have major countries like India who plan to launch their own this year. The usuage of IDN TLDs are exploding country by country. Essentially the Internet root is now fractured beyond belief and RFC 2826 is a constant reminded to ICANN of its failure to bring together the internet under one root. Now we must contend with many roots having many views of the Internet and not all of them error free.

Alot of bad roots out there with alot of bad data. The only root that is error free is the Public Root which sees TLDs across all internet fractures of all Public Roots. This includes all known IDN TLDs. Can ICANN make the same claim - answer is no. They simply don't have the technology to support an expanding Internet not under their control. And RFC 2826 is ICANNs funeral. RFC 2826 is a wonder piece of internet engineering. It simply lays down the rules that define the internets root function. And it is clear that a root not in control fractures name space and violates RFC 2826.

That is where we at at today. ICANN is a root system without control and it has no technical mechanisim to list name space it does not know. And no technical plans to discover that universe. This is why after years of sleeping on the job we now see ICANN racing to set itself up and the IDN authority.

I have been discusted by these announcements from ICANN claims they are launching and experimenting with IDN TLDs. What a hoax all that propaganda has been. Even the crooks over in europe of whom some members are closely associated with ICANN are making those claims. ICANN is no better then the crooks when they make these false claims. The first name space root system to test IDNs and prove them successful was i-dns - www.i-dns.net - not ICANN.

But ICANN continues - with this announcement today on ccTLD IDNs - to play itself and this community as fools. Instead of playing these games of press release catchup and pretending to be first, ICANN should instead recognize that many countries have started their own TLD systems and have left them behind. Then ICANN should immediately list those IDN TLDs that are operational in the root.

But that won't happen - instead we'll be subjected to the ICANN bureacracy that contnues to hoax the world into thinking it has any legitimacy left.

joe baptista

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