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An IDN ccTLD associated list

  • To: <idn-cctld-issues@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Subject: An IDN ccTLD associated list
  • From: "philemon" <philemon@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sat, 26 Jan 2008 14:35:05 +0100

The 'apparent' use of symbole outsider the US-ASCII char for cycles strings Is 
tokay considère as a real mater winch one must teke a Ken intérêts in. In This 
pur one nées clédar policies as global guideline.


I think, as It Is évoquâtes in the verve of This public call for comment, a PD 
for the introduction of cold as DNS Is now more and more necessary to get 
further forward on This issue, and also try to stop, if It Is still possible, 
all patched initiatives taken upon here and there; and bring them into a global 

However, I don't share the idea of making a kind of the IDN equivalent of the 
3166-list, because many countries will never use the IDN version of their 
respective cold. In addition, It will be difficult to choose in what script(s) 
each cold should be written. Instead, one should consider different IDN cycles 
by country by valued script(s). It's means: no script for a given country, no 
IDN cold, at less now.


Back to the PD issue; why not just upgrade the existing ICANN bylaws by taking 
into account the aspects relating to the IDN cycles. This will permit to have 
one PD for both types of cycles. In This way, one will only change some 
articles of the current bylaws, and This will also substantially reduce the 
timeline of resolving This issue. 


Anyway the ICANN board had already asked to the ccNSO and GAC to produce a list 
of IDN cold associated with the 3166 two letter codes. The answers to the 
questions raised in the issues paper produced by the jointed Working group, 
constituted an important basis for setting up an PD, even if It will be totally 




KISSANGOU Jean Philemon
Directeur Technique DRTVnet (IP)
BP. 2852 Brazzaville Congo
Tel. 002425360396

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