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Public consultation on ICANN Transition Action Plan

  • To: iic-consultation@xxxxxxxxx
  • Subject: Public consultation on ICANN Transition Action Plan
  • From: Frederic.Riehl@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Thu, 31 Jul 2008 12:36:43 -0700

Dear All,

Please find herewith some comments by OFCOM - Switzerland regarding the ICANN 
Strategy Committee consultation on improving institutional confidence.

Generally, we welcome the spirit of greater openness which now prevails in the 
work of ICANN.

Sufficient safeguarding of ICANN against capture:
We welcome ICANN's efforts to safeguard itself from capture by interest groups. 
To guarantee transparency and visibility, it is essential not to have decisions 
skewed by a specific group. The relevant proposal seems to us to be a very good 
one. It is indeed appropriate that one and the same person cannot represent 
multiple interest groups (unless they are duly authorised to do so).  It is 
also important for there to be full transparency concerning the interests which 
individuals represent.

Sufficient accountability to the multistakeholder community:
It is normal to provide for an appeal or revision process against a decision; 
this is part of any democratic system. The process set up for conflict 
resolution is a system which seems a good one. There remains the question of 
the legitimacy of decision-making bodies when they no longer enjoy the support 
of those who have elected them. Dismissing the entire board of management in 
the event of a disagreement could create instability in the operation of ICANN. 
In such a procedure, we think that this risk should be avoided, by ensuring 
that current matters are handled without any mishaps.

Meeting the needs of the global internet community of the future:
Opening up ICANN by the establishment of "subsidiary entities" internationally 
deserves support. This is within the spirit of respect for geographic and 
cultural diversity and corresponds to the strategy of all the major world 
organisations which have offices in different parts of the world. This may also 
help to improve awareness of ICANN.

Financial and operational security:
We welcome ICANN's willingness to diversify its sources of finance in order not 
to be dependent on a small number of sponsors. The question of whether ICANN 
should limit itself to private sources of finance will also have to be posed.

Operational security and stability of ICANN:
We support all of ICANN's efforts which prioritise the security and the 
operational stability of the internet. We approve the step to implement the 
root server management transition. We think that a change to the ICANN statutes 
is necessary.

We intend to monitor carefully the Transition Action Plan and the drafting of 
the Joint Project Agreement with the US Department of Commerce. Indeed, this is 
an important phase not just for ICANN and the internet community but also for 
all users.

Best regards,
Frédéric Riehl

Frédéric Riehl
Director International Relations

Federal Department of the Environment,
Transport, Energy and Communication DETEC

Federal Office of Communications OFCOM
Rue de l'Avenir 44, P.O. Box, CH 2501 Bienne

Phone   +41 32 327 54 54  (direct)
Phone   +41 32 327 55 11
Fax     +41 32 327 54 66

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