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hi i am worldwide propozing eatch company to read this. Recomended.

  • To: <interim-variant-ux@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Subject: hi i am worldwide propozing eatch company to read this. Recomended.
  • From: "Extreeme Products of Scandinavia" <leoemilio@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 24 Oct 2012 07:33:43 +0200

Hi my name is Patrick Hagel, I have been in contakt with a lt of companys ass 
yamaha.com. honda.com- ferrari.com.ford.com.bmw.com., all computer copanies, 
alsocomunication companies and security and wepons to building upp tattoo 
studios, we have some of top 5 of the best in yhe world coming here next 
mounth, my cell nr is +47-46888914 to them who have a wish to get a mutch biger 
nettwork and product to store,company reklames, we weel get started now next 2 
mounth and are altso after solid security people, people who can install the 
most of cameras to secure the compeny wert now in børs 1.9billion, so its on 
hold to by local buildings, instal security cams in night, day, infrared, and 
face registring  camaras and the hardisk system weel register that person when 
hi has bought somthing, “just fore security., and hire workers, we need 800 
people just fore the one we weel open here in oslo, so please contact me 
0046-47888914 and my mail leoemilio@xxxxxxxxxxx    i hope thatwe weel get one 
with some money mashines, some from dj stores and rap stores, weponstores, its 
only that we need, and amploies, thank you fore your time

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