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Re: [npoc-voice] Fwd: [liaison6c] Protection of International Olympic Committee (IOC) / Red Cross Names (RCRC) Drafting Team - Recommendations

  • To: "Amber Sterling" <asterling@xxxxxxxx>, "Alain Berranger" <alain.berranger@xxxxxxxxx>, <npoc-voice@xxxxxxxxx>, <ioc-rcrc-recommendations@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Subject: Re: [npoc-voice] Fwd: [liaison6c] Protection of International Olympic Committee (IOC) / Red Cross Names (RCRC) Drafting Team - Recommendations
  • From: "klaus.stoll" <klaus.stoll@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 2 Oct 2012 16:29:23 +0200

Dear Friends

I support a PDP, (crutchingly!!!). I can only repeat, every exception is 
opening a floodgate that can only result in unfairness and those who scream 
loudest and have the most resources will win. I have nothing against the IRC, 
and it is unfortunate that they have to serve as a test case, but in my opinion 
no exception should be made that goes further then the UN +- 10 model proposed 
in Costa Rica. (The Red Cross in this case would be included). I have made 
several written statements to that respect in ICANN fora. There is no reason 
then the protection of commercial interests to grand a protection to the IOC 
and this simply should be taken off the table as it is wasting everybody's time.



PS: This is a personal opinion and does not reflect the position of any 
organization I am involved with.

From: Amber Sterling 
Sent: Tuesday, October 02, 2012 4:14 PM
To: Alain Berranger ; npoc-voice@xxxxxxxxx ; ioc-rcrc-recommendations@xxxxxxxxx 
Subject: RE: [npoc-voice] Fwd: [liaison6c] Protection of International Olympic 
Committee (IOC) / Red Cross Names (RCRC) Drafting Team - Recommendations

I concur with the compromise route proposed.


Amber Sterling

Senior Intellectual Property Specialist

Association of American Medical Colleges


From: owner-npoc-voice@xxxxxxxxx [mailto:owner-npoc-voice@xxxxxxxxx] On Behalf 
Of Alain Berranger
Sent: Monday, October 01, 2012 10:07 PM
To: npoc-voice@xxxxxxxxx; ioc-rcrc-recommendations@xxxxxxxxx
Subject: [npoc-voice] Fwd: [liaison6c] Protection of International Olympic 
Committee (IOC) / Red Cross Names (RCRC) Drafting Team - Recommendations


Dear NPOC Colleagues,


I do not recall an NPOC consultation on this. Hence, it is not possible to 
refer to an NCSG opposition, but I presume only to an NCUC opposition (although 
I have not followed NCUC on this issue). That said, we at NPOC need to express 
ourselves on this issue. I for one favor the PDP route as an appropriate 
compromise. What say you?



---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Glen de Saint Géry <Glen@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, Oct 1, 2012 at 6:17 PM
Subject: [liaison6c] Protection of International Olympic Committee (IOC) / Red 
Cross Names (RCRC) Drafting Team - Recommendations
To: liaison6c <liaison6c@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>


Protection of International Olympic Committee (IOC) / Red Cross Names (RCRC) 
Drafting Team – Recommendations
      Comment/Reply Periods (*)
     Important Information Links
      Comment Open:
     28 September 2012
      Comment Close:
     19 October 2012
      Close Time (UTC):
     23:59 UTC
     Public Comment Announcement
      Reply Open:
     20 October 2012
     To Submit Your Comments (Forum)
      Reply Close:
     9 November 2012
     View Comments Submitted
      Close Time (UTC):
     23:59 UTC
     Report of Public Comments
      Brief Overview
      Originating Organization:
     a.. Top-Level Domains 
        b.. Second-Level Domains 
        c.. Policy Process 
        d.. Intellectual Property
      Purpose (Brief):
     The IOC/RCRC Drafting Team (DT) requests community comment on the latest 
recommendations created for second level protections of names relating to the 
International Olympic Committee and the Red Cross/Red Crescent.
      Current Status:
     Open for Public Comment
      Next Steps:
     The Drafting Team's recommendations will be updated to reflect community 
feedback submitted through this forum and via final agreement of the Drafting 
Team members. Final recommendations will then be presented to the GNSO Council 
for its consideration.
      Staff Contact:
     Brian Peck, Margie Milam
      Detailed Information
      Section I: Description, Explanation, and Purpose
      As a result of IOC/RCRC being granted top level protections for the first 
round of the new gTLD program, the IOC/RCRC Drafting Team was further tasked to 
consider whether the same protections should be afforded at the second level 
prior to the first delegation of a new gTLD. Since the beginning of 2012, the 
IOC/RCRC Drafting Team (DT) has deliberated about possible second level 
protections and how to respond to the GAC's request for protections. The DT now 
submits the recommendations formulated by the DT and makes them available for 
public comment before final submission to the GNSO Council.

      Note from the IOC/RCRC Drafting Team Chair:
      These recommendations are being posted at the request of the Drafting 
Team. Although some members of the Drafting Team believe that a PDP is not 
necessary at this time to grant second level protections for the IOC/RCRC, a 
consensus of the DT does in fact agree that a PDP represents an appropriate 
compromise on this issue. With respect to the Recommendations #2 and #3 
(temporary protection at second level), there is strong support amongst the 
Drafting Team for those recommendations with opposition from the Non-commercial 
Stakeholder Group and Thomas Rickert. A copy of statements from certain 
constituencies, stakeholder groups, and/or individuals is attached as 
appendices to the recommendations.
      Section II: Background
      The ICANN Board had requested policy advice from the GNSO Council and the 
GAC on whether special protections should be afforded to the RCRC, IOC and/or 
IGOs. Specifically, in its Singapore resolution, the Board authorized the 
President and CEO to implement the New gTLD Program "which includes the 
following elements: "the 30 May 2011 version of the Applicant Guidebook, 
subject to the revisions agreed to with the GAC on 19 June 2011, including: 
...(b) incorporation of text concerning protection for specific requested Red 
Cross and IOC names for the top level only during the initial application 
round, until the GNSO and GAC develop policy advice based on the global public 

      During September 2011, the GAC also sent advice to the GNSO with a 
proposal for granting second level protections based upon the protections 
afforded to IOC/RCRC at the first level. In the same month, section 
was added to the latest version of the new gTLD Applicant Guidebook dated 19 
September 2011.

      As a result of the GAC proposal submitted to the GNSO, the GNSO Council 
created a call for volunteers to form a drafting team about creating a response 
to the GAC. The IOC/RCRC Drafting Team was formed has since created a set of 
recommendations for protecting the IOC/RCRC names at the second level and 
includes an outline for a response to the GAC from the GNSO. The Drafting Team 
now wishes to solicit feedback from the community prior to submission of the 
recommendations to the GNSO Council.

      See the IOC/RCRC Drafting Team page for more detail at: 
      Section III: Document and Resource Links
      IOC/RCRC Drafting Team Recommendations Report [PDF, 152 KB]
      Section IV: Additional Information


(*) Comments submitted after the posted Close Date/Time are not guaranteed to 
be considered in any final summary, analysis, reporting, or decision-making 
that takes place once this period lapses.



Glen de Saint Géry 

GNSO Secretariat 





Alain Berranger, B.Eng, MBA

Member, Board of Directors, CECI, http://www.ceci.ca

Executive-in-residence, Schulich School of Business, www.schulich.yorku.ca

Treasurer, Global Knowledge Partnership Foundation, www.gkpfoundation.org

NA representative, Chasquinet Foundation, www.chasquinet.org
Chair, NPOC, NCSG, ICANN, http://npoc.org/
O:+1 514 484 7824; M:+1 514 704 7824
Skype: alain.berranger




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