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  • To: ipv6-policy@xxxxxxxxx
  • Subject: comment
  • From: Jefsey Morfin <jefsey@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 02 Aug 2006 14:06:31 +0200

I looked in vain for a definition of the "IPv6 address space from the IANA". I understood it concerns the IPv6 /3 block to be managed by the IANA but this is not documented.

1. I have some difficulty in commenting this while I do not know if this is a IANA, ICANN, or USG proposition.
2. I am interested in also knowing the ITU /3 block allocation policy before commenting, as I see that the ICANN policy prevents usages based upon fully or sub-structured plans.

The proposed IPv4 like limitations may be adapted to the current Internet routing technology. They are not to fast routing internetwork systems. They also are not directly interoperable with other numbering plans such as telephone, radio frequencies, postal addresses, metastructures, etc. There is therefore the need for other complementary plans. Without knowing them one cannot know if the IANA -ICANN - USG project addresses or not its share of needs.

I do not know why but I feel that if we all have to display our phone, SIP, mobile, ENUM, IPv6 nrs, and Mail, URL on our business cards, there will be no more room for our names. May be just for four SSN? I feel there is room for a smart numbering scheme addressing that problem. And this is not what this non-user oriented plan wants to achieve.

jfc morfin

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