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Regarding the issue of ?rapid suspension of domains?

  • To: <irtp-draft-report@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Subject: Regarding the issue of ?rapid suspension of domains?
  • From: "Charles Christopher" <charles@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 6 May 2009 15:53:40 -0400

Regarding the issue of ?rapid suspension of domains?:

I see no compelling motivation to dismiss 1000?s of year of mankind?s history 
and experience other than to further support corporate internet predation. One 
example being Monster Cable Products Inc, as recently discussed in CircleID, 
such as going after Mini Golf Courses.

The idea of trademarks has existed since at least 3500 BC when ancient 
Egyptians, Greeks, Romans, and Chinese used stone seals to mark their products. 
Blacksmiths stamped their marks into the swords they made during Roman times.

The idea of identical marks with non competing use was codified into law in the 
1800?s. So now ICANN is arogantly deciding to become humanity?s new legal 

Today the US Patent Office is filled with *IDENTICAL* marks for *DIFFERENT* 
entites, these being resolved by each mark having a different ?class? .....

ICANN can?t be intelectually honest to say on one hand that adding TLDs 
increases competition, and then on the other hand destroys 1000?s of years of 
history by not allowing identically named, non competing, companys to have 
their own unique address where the unique location is determined by the TLD 
analogus to the US trademark offices use of trademark class numbers ....

Someone please explain to me who historically recent entities called ?ICANN? 
and ?Registries? are to unwind 100?s and 1000?s of years of history, practice, 
and commercial experiance. And also explain their motivation for doing so ..... 
The legal system, and it?s 1000?s of years of *EXPERIANCE* exist to reconcile 
disputes, this is not the stated mission of ?ICANN? or ?REGISTRIES?, at least 
no public statement I have ever read ....

Charles Chirstopher

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