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Against proposed amendment

  • To: jobs-phased-allocation@xxxxxxxxx
  • Subject: Against proposed amendment
  • From: Jim DAmico <jmdcomedy@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 15 Jul 2010 14:21:19 -0700 (PDT)

As a recruiting professional, I have say this is a dreadful idea.  The .jobs 
name has proven unsuccessful, and this amendment is simply an attempt to 
manufacture a need that does not exist, for the financial motivation of 
principals leading the charge to ram the amendment through.

Contrary to conventional wisdom, more job related domains are not a benefit to 
those seeking jobs.  In fact based on the "noise" created by to many job sites, 
fewer sites would provide the most benefit.

If there was a demand, wouldn't there have been more than the few thousand 
registered with the domain that occured over the last several years?

Also, and understand, I'm admittadly not some internet genious, but allowing 
Employ Media such broad leeway in how the domain is dispensed and managed 
to me of a path we've never walked before in regards to domains, and one we 
should choose not to walk.  The power is too broad, to vague.  Dare I say to 
absolute, and as we know absolute power creates the opportunity for absolute 

Again, I'm not the smartest person to weigh in on this, but I know a bum deal 
when I see one.

Jim D'Amico 


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