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No to IPCs net agreement renewal proposal

  • To: net-agreement-renewal@xxxxxxxxx
  • Subject: No to IPCs net agreement renewal proposal
  • From: Dj Gilcrease <digitalxero@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 11 May 2011 11:02:30 -0400

To Whom it may concern:
I am a web developer and computer technician with 20 years of
experience. The recommendations of the IPC directly affect me and my
clients. After reading the recommendations I would like to suggest
that they be disregarded and not used in future considerations for
regulation or policies.
The IPC is either very short sighted in this or is influenced by some
form of financial gain. There simply seems no other explanation for
their recommendations. These actions would violate the constitutional
rights of due process and personal property. Ignoring for a moment
that personal privacy on the internet is a fundamental necessity for
the safety of some domain registrants. Please consider that the IPC's
recommendations would cause harm to both businesses and individuals
with no due process or recourse. If a site is seized or taken down due
to false accusations, what defense or recompense is allowed the
registrant? Compensation for damages to past victims of this type of
overstepping bureaucracy have been either elusive and meager or worse
We have laws to protect the owners of intellectual property. If
someone feels that they have cause for legal action then let them use
the existing laws to pursue such grievances.
Please do not enact more regulations that will have far reaching
unintended consequences.

Dj Gilcrease
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