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Anonymous .NET domains

  • To: net-agreement-renewal@xxxxxxxxx
  • Subject: Anonymous .NET domains
  • From: Lloyd Graves <humanbeingboy@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 12 May 2011 19:30:45 -0400

Hello there,

I am writing to express my disgust at the notion that anonymous .NET domains
might be abolished. I am a co-admin of the underempire.net community, on
whose behalf I write today and am writing to express my objections to the
recommendations and comments filed by the IPC as listed here:

I object to the possible release of our domain registrants personal
information to the public. Our community is run and maintained by
individuals from across the globe. Our domain owner is a private individual.
This recommendation would mean his home adress would be published, which is
insane. The site I co-admin is benign, but there are other .NET sites that
deal with "hot topics" such as abortion and politics. With the current lack
of gun control laws in the United States, the idea of forcing one of these
domain owners to release their personal contact information is outrageous.
Hell. One of our state senators was recently shot and the Univ of Mississipi
is on lockdown because of a gun-toting crazy. Need I go on?

If you force people to release their private information, you make these
people vulnerable to all sorts of malice - guns being only one extreme.

More legally, the matter of copyright infringement is a responsibility of
companies to act upon. Should a case arise where someone uses the copyright
or intellectual property of a company with a disclaimer or their consent,
then the site operators should be sued in court by said company. Asking
Verisign to act upon the suspicion of copyright infringement with a uniform
rapid suspension (URS) system will create a shoot-first ask-later atmosphere
between providers and private individuals - whereas we are suppose to have a
"innocent until proven guilty" atmosphere in our country.

As such, I ask you to disregard the recommendations of IPC completely.


Lloyd Graves
Co-admin of the underempire.net community

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