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Comment on the new gTLD program

  • To: newgtlds-defensive-applications@xxxxxxxxx
  • Subject: Comment on the new gTLD program
  • From: Michael Bauer <mjbauer@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 07 Feb 2012 18:18:20 -0500

The new gTLD program is a push by a few registrars to drum up more money from registrations, at the expense of the Internet as a whole. The call for new gTLDs has come from registrars, not the Internet community at large. Trademark holders already have their trademarks in every gTLD they can; adding new gTLDs merely opens up the rush to register more trademarks in that new gTLD.

We are not going to run out of names in .com, or any other old gTLD, in the foreseeable future. Given that people are still able to register -- and popularize -- relatively short, and even unpronounceable, domain names in .com, I see no reason to make more gTLDs than already exist. Abandoning .info, .xxx, and the other newcomers would only be a welcome change. Making a new gTLD exist is not going to free up a name that is claimed .com; instead, the trademark holder on that name will also register the same name in .info as a defensive measure.

Don't make any more gTLDs. Get rid of the new gTLDs. The only people they benefit is the registrars.

Michael J. Bauer
Network Administrator, CS and ECE departments, Tufts University

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