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Comments on "defensive registrations" and new gTLD program

  • To: newgtlds-defensive-applications@xxxxxxxxx
  • Subject: Comments on "defensive registrations" and new gTLD program
  • From: Elisabeth Porteneuve <elisabeth.porteneuve@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 28 Feb 2012 00:33:18 +0100


Thank you for allowing comments on “defensive registrations”, I do hope you read and analyse them.

It seems to me that the whole process is aimed to allow for new gTLDs no matter how much harm will be done to anyone else.

My main concerns are not trademarks, but some well known organizations.

While GAC did raise the issue of Red Cross or International Olympic Committee, there are numbers of others, needing to protect their name, and trapped by a new ICANN’s season of hunting, which main purpose, as seen in projected budget for new fiscal year, is to double or triple ICANN’s revenues.

If one organization does not apply for a gTLD, it will be obligated forever to spent time to watch if anybody from the street is applying for its name as a gTLD. Not only till 12 of April 2012, but just forever.

If one organization decides to spend horrendous amount of money $185,000 to apply for a gTLD corresponding to their name, they will be obligated to pledge they intent to run just one domain similar to the second level, to explain they do not fit into the ICANNesque ubuesque structure of registrars, EPP interfaces, bank guarantee and all that jazz.

The alternative is to bear cost of the permanent watching of new gTLDs at ICANN, permanent buzz and fuzz and disputes, waste of time. Because watching new gTLDs is simply boring, no doubts that new “services” will arise on the market, gTLD-watchers, doing that activity for expensive annual fees. ICANN is creating taxation on organizations.

By opening the new gTLD program to double or triple its revenues, ICANN creates enormous instability in the world. It is impacting a number of honourable organizations to put permanent enormous resources to defend them on new ICANN’s hunting field.

Elisabeth Porteneuve
Paris, France

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