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Re: [npoc-voice] National Net Neutrality Policy, and Civil Society and NGO seats at the table

  • To: Sam Lanfranco <lanfran@xxxxxxxx>
  • Subject: Re: [npoc-voice] National Net Neutrality Policy, and Civil Society and NGO seats at the table
  • From: Olévié Kouami <olivierkouami@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 4 Mar 2015 12:05:44 +0000

+1 @Sam
You're right.
Cheers !

2015-02-19 1:57 GMT+00:00 Sam Lanfranco <lanfran@xxxxxxxx>:

> NPOC Members,
> The rapid global expansion of the Internet has been uneven country by
> country depending on technical capacity, market forces and public policy.
> Increasingly the Internet is becoming a target of public policy and this is
> most apparent in two areas. One is the area of political voice and
> advocacy, driven by civil society concerns around human rights, freedom and
> governments concerned with security, advocacy, and control. The other is
> the issue of Net Neutrality driven by notions of rights and freedoms on one
> side, and by commercial interests on the other side.
> In India cell phone carriers are exploring ways to disrupt voice over IP
> from mobile devices, pushing customers to use metered cell minutes. In the
> United States Congress is poised to vote on net neutrality legislation on
> February 26th. Mozilla Advocacy, supported by the Mozilla Foundation,
> creators of the FireFox browser, is an example of a national mobilization
> effort in support of Net Neutrality.
> See: https://advocacy.mozilla.org/
> Increasingly some of the operational issues of the Internet and its DNS
> will be impacted country-by-country by national policy and it is important
> that civil society and not-for-profit organizations strengthen their
> awareness of the issues at the national level and deepen and broaden their
> engagement around issues of Internet governance, policy and implementation
> at the national level.
> Business and political interests are already around that national policy
> table. It is time for a stronger Civil Society and NGO presence around that
> national policy table.
> It is important to realize that Internet policy and its implementation
> will impact the work and mission of all Civil Society and NGO organizations
> and not just those with a primary interest in the Internet and Internet
> governance.
> Sam Lanfranco,  Chair, NPOC Policy Committee

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