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[npoc] NPOC programming and coordination with NCUC

  • To: marie-laure Lemineur <mllemineur@xxxxxxxxx>, Cintra Sooknanan <cintra.sooknanan@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Subject: [npoc] NPOC programming and coordination with NCUC
  • From: Alain Berranger <alain.berranger@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 7 Feb 2013 10:13:00 -0800

Dear Marie-laure, I'm looking forward to your suggestions here. Cheers,

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From: *Klaus Stoll*
Date: Monday, February 4, 2013
Subject: [NCSG-Discuss] Fwd: WEF Background Paper
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  Dear Friends

Greetings. You have my support on this. Please let me know what I can do to
make the events happen.



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*Subject:* [NCSG-Discuss] Fwd: WEF Background Paper

Dear Wolfgang,

Your proposal makes a lot of sense. I share it with Marie-Laure, Cintra and
Klaus FI. Marie-laure as NPOC's Programs Committee Chair will surely have
suggestions on how to proceed.

Cheers, Alain

On Sunday, February 3, 2013, "Kleinwächter, Wolfgang" wrote:

Hi Alain,

I want to join Avri in her positive comment on the outcome of the LA
meeting. On the one hand it was crazy to sit 30 hours in planes for 20
hours of meetings & briefings. However it was worth and has helped to
create a much more constructive collaborative climate between the two SGs,
within our own SG community and with ICANN Staff.

I want to congratulate you also for your outreach plan. As already
discussed with Klaus, I see here a lot of potential to bring expertise both
from NPOC and NCUC together to strengthen our SG as a whole, in particular
with the practical projects as papers, webinars and workshops/conferences.

My concrete proposal is - and I made this already before I saw your paper
in our NCUC meeting  - to organize a monthly NCSG webinar (in cooperation
with ICANN Staff to use their facilities) on ICANN related policy issues
which would be open for the whole ICANN community (and beyond). We could
agree until Beijng on a list of ten themes (and lecturers) for 2013/2014
and announce this with concrete dates during the Public Forum. I would
volunteer to give a webinar in fall 2013 on "WCIT, WTPF, WTDC: Can ICANN
and ITU develop a constructive collaboration in the Internet Governance

We could agree also on a joint paper series as a follow up to your project
with UNCTAD.

We should also start to think about joint workshop proposals for IGF in
Bali (and probably for regional IGFs as EURODIG in Lisbon in June) to bring
issues of special interests for non-commercial users to the agenda and to
link more NGOs to the process. I hope also that Klaus engagement in the
German IGF (June 3) will be useful at the national level.

Best wishes



Von: NCSG-Discuss im Auftrag von Avri Doria
Gesendet: Sa 02.02.2013 20:52
An: NCSG-DISCUSS@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Betreff: Re: [NCSG-Discuss] WEF Background Paper

Hi Alain.

I agree, the meeting was quite good for both the NCSG and bring all of the
all of its NCU/NGO/NFP/academic&activist  participants together.

I also like the view we were able to get of how ICANN is changing and of
the direction in which Fadi seems to be facing.

I also appreciated some of bits of agreement that we were able to reach
with the other Non Contract Party SG.  I even appreciated the clarity with
which some areas of agreement and  disagreement we have with some of the
constituencies in the CSG were able to be discussed.

It was a good trip.

Of course we probably also owe this list a more comprehensive report.
Maybe our leaders can work together to produce one.


On 2 Feb 2013, at 08:48, Alain Berranger wrote:

> Thanks Kathy,
> It was a good meeting. For me it was about an opportunity to start some
NPOC team building. Secondly, it was the very first time in my opininon
that NCSG leadership came together and a climate of trust clearly set in so
that from here on we will together move the non-commercial issues forward.
We have a lot of work to do together, for  instance getting NGO/NFP
Engagement on the same level at ICANN as Government Engagement and Business
Engagement. With the NCSG getting its act together, we have removed a
barrier to ICANN creating a dedicated senior post for NGO/NPF Engagement.
> Also, the LA meeting was an opportunity to reach to CSG and its
Constituencies leadership and to establish perhaps that a win for one side
is not always a loss for the other and that NCHP has a role to play in
advancing a number of higher level debates to make ICANN stronger in the
> Alain
> On Friday, February 1, 2013, Kathy Kleiman wrote:
> Hi All,
> I have not yet read the attached paper, but it is a background paper that
Fadi received at the World Economic Forum in Davos.  Fadi was in a meeting
on user data and privacy, and found himself speaking for users (those whose
data is captured). Hooray!
> A good intersessional meeting in LA.  A new experiment on having the
Noncommercial and Commercial meet together for meetings on both policy
issues, and administrative issues (for growth and operation of our
Stakeholder and constituency groups). I hope

Alain Berranger, B.Eng, MBA
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Executive-in-residence, Schulich School of Business, www.schulich.yorku.ca
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