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Proposed .BIZ, .INFO AND .ORG gTLD Registry Agreements

  • To: <org-tld-agreement@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Subject: Proposed .BIZ, .INFO AND .ORG gTLD Registry Agreements
  • From: "David Sprake" <DS@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 2 Oct 2006 10:29:55 +0100

To the ICANN.


Proposed .BIZ, .INFO AND .ORG gTLD Registry Agreements


This issue is giving me sleepless nights and making me feel sick,


If variable pricing with no limits is agreed, in ten years time, all I
have built up will be finished.


As an example of why I feel this way, I would like the board to imagine
that there is a land tax on the land there house or business is built on
of $10/ year.

Confidence is high; investment is good, everybody is happy.


We have a saying in the UK "An English mans home is his castle" safe and
secure for the future.


There is a proposal that this "tax" is going to be put in to the hands
of a money making business that can charge what they like.


In ten years time you either pay the tax they ask for (could be
$10,000,000 /year or more) or your house or business is "repossessed"


So... you try to sell your house or businesses before the ten years is
up, and guess what? Nobody wants to buy it because of the unpredictable
land tax charges. 

You are finished! and you move on to CC tld.


If the board do not think this will happen, and that it will be
"suicide" for the "taxes" or "registration renewal fees" to go up so
much, why don't they specify that it can not happen with a price cap? 

(Should not the board protect business from committing financial suicide
and at the same time benefit and give confidence to millions of small
internet businesses?)


On a different note, I pay my "taxes" here in the UK to go to schools,
hospitals, transport, police, security and military etc, if domain
registration fees rise sharply, this money is going to go into someone's
pocket that has not done, or will not do one iota.


Who will decide how much a renewal fee will be? Any money making
business will charge what they can get away with to maximise profits,
and if someone else will pay more for the same domain name, the price
will go up until it is taken from its current owner and be given to
someone who can pay more. 



So, not surprisingly more than 99% of the public are strongly against
such proposals according to the ICANN message boards, (the other (less
than 1%) are going to make a lot of money should it come to pass so we
know where there motivation comes from.)



I have emailed all the board individually on this matter and only two,
Susan Scrawford and Alejandro Pisanty had the decency to get back to me,


ICANN, A democratic body- representing the best interests of the
internet community?


I have to wonder what your motivation is for even considering this? Can
some one from ICANN please tell me?






To the ICANN Board

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