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ICANN performance 2007

  • To: <performance-2007@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Subject: ICANN performance 2007
  • From: "Keyword Factory" <russ@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 15 May 2007 22:41:06 -0400

I see essentially no progress in ICANN over the past 5+ years:


-          Registrar complaints filed at Internic.net or through other
methods are routinely ignored.  Complaints filed against RegisteryFly were
ignored for years until immanent disaster.  As a result of ICANN's refusal
to process these complaints there is now costly litigation.

-          The refusal of ICANN to answer complaints has caused such
frustration that some users now submit complaints over and over.  ICANN
response has been to develop a system to limit complaints filed rather than
to actually address the complaints.  

-          Registrars are being accredited without basic functionality
working such as the whois.  For example Netfirms.com was accredited without
having a working web-based whois.  When I asked how a company could receive
accreditation without basic functionality I was told that was not public
information.  Godaddy provides truncated data via port 43 whois service and
complaints have been filed for at least 4 years.

-          Numerous flaws, inconsistencies, and unclear language have been
identified in the ICANN registrar agreement.  This agreement has never been
updated to address these issues.

-          The UDRP has not been updated.


ICANN staff remains completely uncooperative to public input and remains a
completely secret organization with essentially no transparency.  There
appears to be no hope of ever receiving a legitimate response to anything.


ICANN has scheduled large number of trips around the world where they refuse
to respond in any legitimate way.  These appear to simply be paid vacations
funded by money taken from domain registrations and receive other benefits
from registrars.






The Keyword Factory

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