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Global Policy Proposal for remaining IPv4 address space

  • To: <proposed-ipv4-policy@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Subject: Global Policy Proposal for remaining IPv4 address space
  • From: Robert Aouad <robert@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 24 Feb 2009 02:37:03 +0100

Dear Sir/Madam, 
The policy for the /8 issuance for the remaining IP Address is the last
action for the remaining Public IP Address from IANA. This particular global
policy ensures the distribution of the last remaining IP address in an
orderly manner.
After the /8 IP address block distribution to RIRs, the industry might be
assuming the IPv4 officially depleted or in the exhaustion phase. However,
before the inevitable, here are some questions we are raising:
   1. What is the time frame are we expecting for the exhaustion phase of
the distributed /8 IP Block?
   2. What about the member¹s expansion and future requests for an IP Block,
will there be any changes on the current guidelines specifically addressing
the new global policy?
   3. Will AFRINIC be imposing an ³acceptable use policy³ for the last
issued IP Address block?
   4. Does AFRINIC have a policy for retrieving ³inefficiently used² address
Just to give you an idea on how we manage the issued AFRINIC IP Addresses
here are some of our guidelines:
   A. Mandatory requirement for the detailed network diagram and IP address
design attached to the Public IP Request.
   B. Check if the network design can accommodate private addresses and
NATing scheme before granting a public IP Address.
   C. Strictly implement issuing of residential users with private IP
   D. Strictly issue Public IP Addresses only for devices that need to be
publicly available (ex. DNS, Web server, Mail Server, Application Servers,
Public Domain Routers for Peering/routing).
With these general guidelines we are effectively preserving the issued
Public IP Address. We are on top of our IP management and will continue to
do so and we will support any actions of the AFRINIC that will effectively
extend the useful life of the IPV4 address space.
Yours truly,

Robert AOUAD - CEO
ISOCEL Telecom - 01BP 3366
Cotonou - Republic of BENIN
Phone:         + 229 21 31 20 11
Fax:              + 229 21 31 62 12
Mobile:       + 229  97 21 72 58

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