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Re: [ga] ICANN workgroup's message to domain registrants on Charter of Rights: Let Them Eat Gruel!

  • To: raa-improvements2010@xxxxxxxxx, GNSO GA Mailing List <ga@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Subject: Re: [ga] ICANN workgroup's message to domain registrants on Charter of Rights: Let Them Eat Gruel!
  • From: "Jeffrey A. Williams" <jwkckid1@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 8 Jul 2010 14:19:59 -0500 (GMT-05:00)

George and all,

  We've been down this path before regarding improvements to the RAA contract's
and did get some minor improvements accordingly.  This seems to be the second
go-around that 'May' garner some additional improvements that Registrants want
or feel they need in the interest of fairness at a minimum. It has been quite
clear for a number of years that Registrars in particular, are not significantly
interested in providing good service from a Registrant perspective.

  Here are some suggestions our group made yet again recently:

  To the point regarding Inter-Registrar Transfer Policy considerations.
What I our members and all registrants opinion is that no registrar should be 
to transfer or otherwise use for any purpose other than those determined by the 
of any Domain Name without the registrant first approving such a transfer 
and/or requested
such a transfer of the registrar and that if the latter that action via a 
executable via
web link to be actually effected by the registrant only unless otherwise 
by same and that all records regarding that registrants registered domain names 
be viewable and updatable for accuracy ect. by the registrant only via a 
similar mechnisim.

  Grace period considerations - If a registrant is late or re-registering 
Domain Name at or near the time of renewal some notice to that registrant at 
least 15
days prior and 10 days after the experation date should be allowed befor the 
registrant's domain name can be sold or otherwise utilized. If such a policy 
were or 
is to be adopted, the Registrar must than comply and fails to do so 
compensation to the 
original registrant of record in the above mentioned time period must be 
for the loss if sale or otherwise registrar effected transfer without 
permission, for their expected or registrar recognized loss and ICANN must 
consider dis-accrediting that registrar for improper operation accordingly.


-----Original Message-----
>From: George Kirikos <gkirikos@xxxxxxxxx>
>Sent: Jul 8, 2010 11:52 AM
>To: GNSO GA Mailing List <ga@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
>Subject: [ga] ICANN workgroup's message to domain registrants on Charter of 
>Rights: Let Them Eat Gruel!
>Hi folks,
>There's an important ICANN comment period ending tomorrow that you might want 
>participate in:
>So far, I am the only person to have made a comment, see:
>In particular, the important issue involved is the nature of a Registrant 
>Charter (just like the USA has a "Bill of Rights" in the constitution). 
>though, that the comment period is given the label "Initial Report on 
>for Improvements to the Registrar Accreditation Agreement" --- if you read the 
>report, you'll quickly see why: they basically GAVE UP on producing a charter 
>that would protect the rights of domain name registrants! It should make 
>angry, that our rights are not a priority at all.
>Anyhow, it's a very long document (150+ pages), but most of it involves 
>proposals for the Registrar Accreditation Agreement (some really wacky stuff, 
>like prohibitions against "speculation", etc.). But, if you have time to read 
>some of the stuff at the beginning, that'll capture the essence of the 
>Or, just read my comment, which isn't 150 pages long. :-)
>It's an opportunity to call for greater rights for registrants, so hopefully 
>will be heard loudly and clearly if you take a moment to submit comments that 
>what the working group has produced is simply unacceptable. Registrants 
>much more than what we're getting from ICANN.
>The ICANN workgroup's message to domain registrants has been: Let Them Eat 
>My response: We Want Cake!
>George Kirikos


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