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We can't wait for you to sign

  • To: revised-settlement@xxxxxxxxx
  • Subject: We can't wait for you to sign
  • From: Rogue Registry <rogueregistry@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 10 Feb 2006 19:25:31 -0800 (PST)

We've spent millions of dollars on multiple registrar accreditations  under 
multiple company entities, renewing tens of thousands of domains  and left them 
in the previous customers name while we earn from the  parking revenue in 
anticipation of this deal. We can't wait for it to  be approved so we can 
release all of those into the proposed CLS  auctions and use our other 
registrar accreditations to drive up the  bids on the unsuspecting general 
public. We have tens of thousands of  domains we've been sitting on since the 
beginning of time that we would  like to unload during this drop and bidup 
process aswell. 
  Our desire is to cash out and invest our profits in VRSN because we  predict 
their stock will skyrocket as a result. We would be really  disappointed if you 
did anything other than sign. We honestly don't  care if you increase the 
prices either the profit margins due to the  increased competition is really 
putting a hurting on our profit  margins. We more or less just give away names 
now so we can charge  people fees to do things such as a transfer or we just 
don't do  anything at all. Eventually after we don't reply to their  emails  
they get fed up and let their name expire so we can keep it.
  Please sign soon, 
  Rogue Registry
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