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I’m confused, is pool.com FOR or AGAINST competition?

  • To: revised-settlement@xxxxxxxxx
  • Subject: I’m confused, is pool.com FOR or AGAINST competition?
  • From: Simon Rakower <simon@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sat, 18 Feb 2006 10:08:30 -0500

In a pool.com CEO Taryn Naidu’s recent letter to the ICANN board, he states an objection to the settlement on the grounds that the renewal terms are anti-competitive.

Yet in the next paragraph, he says:

"... giving VeriSign free reign to create periphery registry services, you are opening up this sector of the market to unfair competition...”

So which is it Mr. Naidu? Don't you think competition is a good thing? Or do you want an over –regulated marketplace?

From the letter Mr. Naidu submitted, it would appear that competition is only good for opponents, not for pool.com.

Let’s get on with this – ICANN should sign the settlement, get some badly needed cash into ICANN, and move the internet forward.

Pool.com will continue to be the sleazy ticket scalper standing in front of the stadium – nice when you need a ticket, but not exactly a fundamental part of the show.

Simon Rakower

Fairbanks, AK

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