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  • To: <rfi-domaintasting@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Subject: Domaintasting
  • From: "Alexander Schubert" <mailout-mr57@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 11 Sep 2007 11:13:20 +0200

Dear GNSO,
I am internet consultant and active in the field of domain-related business
since 1997. I visit 12 internet meetings a year, among them all ICANN
meetings, all TRAFFIC meetings and the like. Domaintasting describes the
habit of registering masses of domains in order to check its traffic on a
pay per click monetization basis for 5 days without paying for that
registration. The traffic at those domains comes primalary from internet
users mistyping a long existing domain such as a trademark like
www.sonny.com or a portal like www.youtupe.com. Instead of being lead to the
website they intended to visit, they are routed to parkingpages, such as at
www.icannn.org. Why does that harm the internet users or the perspective
future domainregsitrants?
a.) As a user you are confused and you loose time when routed to the website
displaid at www.icannn.org. Without tasting, less of those pages would
exist. The websites of this kind do not add value to the internet. Instead
the user has to verify, whether he landed right or not. If the domain
wouldn't resolve, that would be much easier and faster accomplished.
b.) As a potential future domainregistrant who intents to run a website that
does add value to the internet, you cannot any more find domains that have
natural type-in traffic, because those are all tasted away. It's like you
come to a beach, where on all places that get sun empty towels are spread
out, and you have the choice  between buying one of those occupied spaces at
100 times its original price, or have a place in the  shadows. What would
cause an uproar at any beach goes through without hassle in the internet:
Thanks to domaintasting.
Therefore, domaintasting shall be banned. If a registrant cannot pay 6,95 US
Dollars, then he cannot be a registrant. A domain must  have a cost, if it
hasn't a cost, the entire space is at risk of loosing its value.
Thank you,
Alexander Schubert
Argentinische Allee 8a
14163 Berlin 
Voice:   +49(30)89090-474
Fax:      +49(30)89090-475
Mobile:  +49(172)85 86 87 8
eMail:    mailout-mr57@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
UID:      DE220434766

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