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Marina Del Rey stinks like fish!

  • To: settlement-comments@xxxxxxxxx
  • Subject: Marina Del Rey stinks like fish!
  • From: HalMeyer3@xxxxxx
  • Date: Sun, 20 Nov 2005 19:27:23 EST

The proposed settlement between ICANN and VeriSign looks like a screw job for 
domain owners, consumers, and the public in general.

Economies of scale, competition, software products with no marginal costs 
only fixed costs, and other reasons  --all mean that the cost to register 
should go down --not up.

So why are prices going up? Gee, I wonder. 

Mark these words: monopolies cause prices to go through the roof!

The problem here is that there is no competition, because ICANN appears to be 
protecting VeriSign's monopoly. ICANN should advocate for the public, not bow 
to VeriSign. Tucows bid only $2. The price from Verisign, $6.25, is over 300% 
the cost -- and it will only increase in the coming years! 

In the worst case, the price for domains should have stayed the same; there 
is no justifiable reason for an increase. 

What was wrong with the Tucows bid? Why wasn't there a formal bidding process 
for this important contract?

If VeriSign breeched the existing contract, why was there the presumption of 

Why does VeriSign have a back door to ICANN? Why did ICANN throw the 
consumers from the frying pan (VeriSign's sitefinder) into the fire (this 
And, there is still no guarantee that sitefinder won't come back from the 

Why does ICANN routinely give VeriSign a blank check and allow it to bully 

And, why are ICANN's fees going up? Why does ICANN spend so much on legal 
fees, and travel for staff? To add insult to injury, ICANN board members are 
planning to vote for compensation for themselves. Talk about incredibly bad PR!

Last, why is the public only invited to comment now? This looks like a done 

This is an outrage! ICANN is in direct dereliction of its duties. 

Marina Del Rey stinks like fish!

Hal Meyer
PO Box 5757
Wakefield, RI USA

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