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Re: [soac-newgtldapsup-wg] charter language

  • To: Elaine Pruis <elaine@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Subject: Re: [soac-newgtldapsup-wg] charter language
  • From: Baudouin SCHOMBE <b.schombe@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 11 May 2010 09:19:11 +0100

Dear Elaine,

I give my support to your contribution because in several developping
countries the concept of newgTLD is not understood very well. So we need a
time to explain the process and application fee.

The main difficult is on linguistic matter. We must to translate all
document in common language of users locally. this process require time and
good transalation for a best understanding.


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2010/5/10 Elaine Pruis <elaine@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

> All,
> Apologies for missing the call this morning.
> I do have a comment on the charter, specifically *Objective 2: *To
> identify how the application fee can be reduced to accommodate applicants
> that fulfill appropriate criteria to qualify for this benefit.
> The term "reduced" indicates that the applicant would not have to pay their
> fair share of the cost of the program.
> >> http://www.icann.org/en/topics/new-gtlds/cost-considerations-23oct08-en.pdf
> strongly rejects the concept of "reduced fees" for this round
> "... financial requirements and fees might discourage applications from 
> developing nations, or
> indigenous and minority peoples, who may have different sets of financial 
> opportunities
> or capabilities relative to more highly developed regions of the world. The 
> ICANN Organization takes
>  these concerns seriously, and can in the future explore possibilities for 
> future means of financial assistance
> for or fee reductions to qualified applicants for new gTLDs in a consistent, 
> fair, verifiable, and transparent manner.
> However, this goal must be balanced with the principle of conservatism that 
> first-round fees must fully fund the first-round application costs. "
> and
> "No practical method of ICANN financial assistance or fee reductions was 
> identified for
> the first round of new gTLD applications, though an appropriate mechanism 
> might be
> defined for subsequent rounds. If staff is able to identify sources for 
> potential grants,
> financial assistance or match-making opportunities for applicants from 
> qualified
> developing nations, and indigenous and minority peoples in need, the results 
> will be
> made publicly available. "
> I'm concerned that since the board has mandated the fee as "cost recovery",
> stating "how the application fee can be reduced" could prevent adoption of
> the charter.  What about the term "how the application fee could be
> subsidized"?  "Subsidized" recognizes that the program is cost recovery.
>  The fee is "reduced" for the applicant, but the money paid to ICANN is the
> same.
> Elaine
> On May 10, 2010, at 8:08 AM, Olof Nordling wrote:
> Dear all,
> Action points from today’s call:
> 1.       Any remaining statements of interest should be sent to Glen.
> 2.       The revised version of WG charter is attached as agreed during
> the call. There are just two edits compared to the previously sent version
> (“policy” deleted in the preamble and change to “snapshot” for the 15 June
> deliverable in the timeline). Any comments regarding the charter should be
> sent to the list within 24 hours, i.e. before 15H00 UTC Tuesday 11 May.
> 3.       It was concluded that the two work teams (WT1 – review of
> application fee structure, and WT2 – “Who and What”) need multiple
> coordinators/leaders to animate the substance discussions and give short
> updates at WG calls.  For WT1 – Tony Harris (assumed) and Rafik Dammak
> (volunteer).  For WT2 – Andrew Mack and Carlos Aguirre (volunteers).
>   Further volunteers are sought for those roles.
> 4.       Work teams could usefully consider priorities regarding what
> should be achieved in the short, medium and long term.
> 5.       Team headings and some documents/links have been put in the wiki
> https://st.icann.org/so-ac-new-gtld-wg/index.cgi . A list of those who
> have already signed up to the WTs is found below and will be introduced in
> the Wiki. WT1 – Tony Harris, Rafik Dammak, Tijani Ben Jemaa, Richard Tindal,
> Elain Pruis, Andrew Mack. WT2 – Andrew Mack, Carlos Aguirre, Tijani Ben
> Jemaa, Elaine Pruis, Rafik Dammak. (Hope I got that right – please yell if
> not;-)
> 6.       The call time was seen as doable and will be kept, thus do count
> on weekly 60-minute calls on Mondays starting at 13H00 UTC.
> All the best
> Olof
> <JAS WG draft charter v3.doc>
>  Elaine Pruis
> VP Client Services
> elaine@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
> +1 509 899 3161
>  Elaine Pruis
> VP Client Services
> elaine@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
> +1 509 899 3161

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