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Re: Re: Re: New.Net Campaigning to Fill ICANN Comment Board

  • To: <stld-rfp-general@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Subject: Re: Re: Re: New.Net Campaigning to Fill ICANN Comment Board
  • From: "iska" <iska@xxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 27 Apr 2004 18:53:09 -0400

Exactly what I'm saying. Start your own root IF YOU CAN, which I seriously
doubt. You couldn't even raise a "dime" from any VC if you tell them that
you're gonna go head to head with New.net by releasing the same TLDs that
New.net released three years ago.

It's true that there was a window of opportunity during the last round and
New.net took the "unprecedented risk". Now that's what I call
entrepreneurship which Mr. President was referring to, just a few days ago
in his speech addressing job creation, hi-tech, and the role of

Now what you're suggesting is New.net should be punished for their
entrepreneurial efforts to expand Internet's naming system  while creating
business opportunities for people like us who has similar aspirations.

Had Tralliance really worried about the travel industry and Internet
community, they would have not turned down New.net's efforts to coordinate a
solution. Majority of the .travel owners are from travel industry. Just this
proves that they really don't care about the travel industry and internet
community. That's why dotTravel should not be considered as sTLD and ICANN
simply should reject tralliance's application. Travel industry already has
their own TLD, .AERO. A second TLD for travel industry? Give me a break.

The reason for New.net didn't apply for .Travel is because they don't put
ridiculous restrictions on .Travel such as "no industry names", "no beach
names", "no country names", "no state names", "no city names", "no this",
"no that". Excuse me ,with such ridiculous restrictions, who is going to
register a .travel name? I believe tralliance assumes that companies are
going to register their "CompanyName.Travel". Well, if "CompanyName.com" is
available, in most cases it will be, then those prospective registrants
would always prefer .com over .travel. Let's not kid ourselves. And this
means that Joe CAN'T compete with hotels.com just because he CAN'T register

Travel industry has their own TLD, they should take their hands off .travel
which was started by New.net three years ago and is supported by many


New.net put every effort to not introduce a conflict. They even tried to
work with the current .Travel applicant to coordinate a solution in order to
avoid a conflict. Please don't approve the current .travel application and
leave it to the gTLD process.

New.net, financially and technically, proved themselves that they are way
above your expectations from a prospective TLD applicant. Let them (New.net)
apply for .travel during gTLD process at the end of this year and run
.travel. Please don't give .travel, which was started by New.net more than
three years ago, to someone else.

You know very well what happened with .PRO. Even after years, .PRO is still
not operational.
Let New.net run .travel and it will be up and running in a couple of hours.
Now that's what I call being technically adept. Financially? They already
proved that while everybody was praying for them going belly up.

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