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XXX domain

  • To: <stld-rfp-general@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Subject: XXX domain
  • From: "W. Owens" <wowens70@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 18 Aug 2005 06:39:04 -0500

I don't know if the comment period has paddes or not, but I just became aware 
of this.

I see several comments on free speech here so I will add mine under that same 

We don’t find such things as AUTO for car dealers, FARM for agricultural 
products, etc. Seems a little favoritism may be at play here. However, I have 
no objection to this XXX domain, with a few provisions.

If these groups are going to get their own domain, then they should have 
something that goes with it:

    1.. Any business or individual engaged in the pornography "industry" would 
be required to relocate their web presence to the XXX domain. (under the 
proposal that I have heard it would be optional, as it is hoped that they would 
voluntarily do so. Don’t count on them doing it, as these people have no sense 
of decency, or ethics and usually will have the morals of an alley cat.) 
    2.. Provide for a very stiff fine if the move is not accomplished within 60 
days of the implementation of the XXX domain. I suggest $100,000 for going over 
the allowed 60 and then $50,000 per day after day 61. 
    3.. No spam mailings or advertising outside their domain. Stiff fines for 
doing so. I suggest $1,000 per occurrence, payable to the person that received 
the unwanted spam mail. (the current proposal permits them to do as they 
please-see comments on item 1)
This is quoted from a newletter I get from the American Family Association:
"And consider this irony: Stuart Lawley, the chairman of the company that would 
operate the triple X registry, had the audacity to ask for a meeting with 
officials at the Department of Commerce to show them how the triple X domain 
would make the Internet a "more family-friendly environment"!!"

I see this as a blatant attempt to snow someone and make a mint!

The vast majority of the American public do not want this stuff out there for 
their children to stumble into. Example: whitehouse.gov versus whitehouse.com. 
One gets to the 1600 Pennsylvania building, the other a porn site. How do I 
know? A simple keystroke error on my part. 

It would be preferable that all porn be banned from the internet, but with the 
current "politically correct" atmosphere, I don’t see a big chance of that 

It is sort of like rattlesnakes. It is easy to avoid snakebite if you know 
where the snake is, but you can never rid teh world of snakes!

It is time for America to return to a level of decency. It has never been 
possible to legislate morality. However, it is possible to regulate the 
business that chooses to be immoral.


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