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[stld-rfp-general] quest for Answer

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  • Subject: [stld-rfp-general] quest for Answer
  • From: "ayelealemu" <ayelealemu@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 2 Apr 2004 11:15:10 -0500
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I have authored and posted a web page one isp that claims to have a
legitimate business and seemed and seems so by all accounts. It is a hosting
service and they do host . I having worked so hard and so much I put my work
on my web page assigned to me by My beloved Hosts . One day with out any and
none prior notice they blocked my web page with no access what so ever to my
work and my property for allegedly no payment of their hosting fee. It is my
understanding that it is their right to refuse to host my materials on their
hosting service It is also I feel their obligation to permit me at least
gain access to my materials till such time agreed on between the two of us
to have secured my copyrighted materials. I felt like all my goods thrown
out and evicted out of a rental property for not paying rent except that has
a number of advance notices and a grace time unlike my deer hosts and the
scenario I found my self in. I have tried to contact my hosts to no avail
,either they are unwilling to respond to my repeated requests to have the
matter resolved or they feel not at all obligated to respond .I feel I am
entitled to a better service from this people and respect for my
intellectual property work and effort. I intend to take this company to
court , what do you suggest>is their a federal agency or controlling body to
whom I report my complaints and get some help short of a legal suit? is
there a federal guideline regarding these hosting companies and how they
threat people's copyrighted materials help me out. I am at loss here and I
intend to see the light.

Thank you

Ayele Teklemariam

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