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JPRS Comment on ICANN Strategic Plan

  • To: strategic-plan-comments@xxxxxxxxx
  • Subject: JPRS Comment on ICANN Strategic Plan
  • From: higashida@xxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Mon, 28 Feb 2005 23:32:24 +0900 (JST)

Dear ICANN, 

First of all, JPRS, as the .JP ccTLD manager, appreciates ICANN's
significant efforts in developing and releasing "ICANN Strategic Plan
2003-04 to 2006-07."  In addition, JPRS strongly supports the current
framework in which ICANN carries out global technical coordination of
Internet systems of unique identifiers, with participation of various
stakeholders.  Based on the above, I would like to state JPRS comments
on the Strategic Plan as follows.

1. Stability and security of the Internet systems of unique
   identifiers, including the DNS

 1.1. To preserve the stability and security of DNS, we expect that
      ICANN address the following issues as the priority:
      a. Completion of transfer of the root management responsibility
         from the US Government to ICANN;
      b. Establishment of responsible relationships between ICANN and
         each root server operator; and
      c. Accommodation of IPv6 addresses in the root zone.

1.2. As for the enhancement of core IANA services and support services
     listed in page 21, we hope ICANN defines which specific part of
     each service should be strengthened and to what extent, with what
     amount of spending.  We would expect ICANN defines them through
     consultation with ccTLD community from the initial phase.  JPRS,
     as the ccTLD registry and member of ccNSO, would be pleased to
     offer support in the process.
2. ICANN regional offices

2.1. We suggest that ICANN identify more concretely what services and
     operation ICANN is proposing as the responsibility of the
     regional offices.

2.2. Need and purpose of establishing each office should be different
     from one region to another, so it should be judged separately for
     each region on a case-by-case basis.

2.3. Further, JPRS expects ICANN to take advantage of existing
     outreach efforts already made by the local and regional
     organizations such as JPRS and APTLD.  We are willing to
     collaborate with ICANN in addressing the
     regional presence issue.

3. Multilingual communications

     JPRS generally supports ICANN's multilingual communications
     strategy, provided that ICANN releases such information in a
     timely manner and takes proper balance between prompt delivery
     and multilingual translation.  In other words, we believe the
     prompt communication should not be undermined by translation

4. Funding source: new registry services

     In page 62, it is stated that ICANN could derive fees from the
     revenue stream flowing to registries as a result of new registry
     services.  Each ccTLD decides its registration policies and
     services through consultation at the local level.  The ccTLD
     registry services do not need ICANN's approval, and the
     registries should not be required to pay any fee to ICANN for
     introducing their new services.

5. Formalized relationships with ccTLD managers

     To ensure the stable and secure functioning of the domain name
     system, it is essential to develop formalized relationships
     between ICANN and ccTLD managers.  We expect ICANN to make this a
     top priority in the whole strategy.  As the ccTLD manager with
     experience of building contractual relationship with ICANN, JPRS
     is prepared to provide assistance as needed.

I would like to state JPRS's commitment to support ICANN, and hope the
above comments would be of help for ICANN in further refining and
implementing its strategy.


Koki Higashida
President, Japan Registry Services Co., Ltd. (JPRS)

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