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Comments from Nominet

  • To: stratplan-2007@xxxxxxxxx
  • Subject: Comments from Nominet
  • From: lesley@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Mon, 15 Jan 2007 15:15:30 +0000

On behalf of Nominet UK, the country code Top Level Domain registry for .
uk, I would like to thank ICANN for the opportunity to comment on the 
agreed ICANN Strategic Plan 2007 to 2010.
I appreciated being consulted during the creation of the plan at the 
various ICANN meetings and teleconferences that were organised in order to 
provide community input. It was pleasing to note that several of my 
comments were taken on board in the plan drafts. I have encouraged, and 
will continue to encourage, other ccTLD managers to become more involved 
in the strategic plan process.

 I make the following comments on the plan:

Key Organisational Challenges

As I commented during the strategic plan consultation, the organisational 
challenges of implementing the plan should not be under-estimated. Much of 
the content of the plan rightly focuses on the external priorities. 
However, internal priorities are also crucial, in order that the 
organisation is capable of delivering on the external priorities. 

Whilst the internal priorities are covered in various places in the plan, 
in my view, the challenges that will be faced have perhaps been 

The significant volumes of policy work, the reviews of processes and 
performance, together with the development of effective communications 
will be very challenging. The workload will be likely to require an 
increase in staff numbers. This, in turn, will make management of the 
organisation and internal communication much more demanding, particularly 
due to the world-wide locations of staff.

Based on Nominet?s experience of significant growth and organizational 
change, management and staff capacity, rather than capability, can often 
become the key challenge.

Strategic Priority 1 ? Organisational Excellence in Operations

Nominet strongly supports continued improvements to the IANA service and 
the automation of IANA processes to enhance productivity and efficiency. I 
hope to remain a member of the ccNSO IANA working group that is working 
with the IANA staff to assist with these priorities.

Strategic Priority 2 ? Organisational Excellence in Policy Development

One of the ways in which policy development might be improved is by better 
working between and across each of the ICANN constituencies. This appears 
to have been omitted from the plan, but may well be one of the 
enhancements to result from the independent reviews that will take place.

Strategic Priority 3 ? Increased International Participation

Nominet supports the aim of developing best practices within the ccNSO, 
but is concerned that these have not been presented as non-binding best 
practices, as recommended by the ccNSO meeting in Sao Paulo. It is assumed 
that this was due to the recommendation coming very late in the process. 
We agree with the stated Government Advisory Committee principle of 
subsidiarity and that ccTLD policy should be set locally, unless it can be 
shown that the issue has global impact and needs to be resolved in an 
international framework. 
Nominet would also support increased participation of ccTLD managers in 
the ccNSO and I will be personally offering to assist in any initiatives 
that might bring this about.

Strategic Priority 4 ? Increased Participation in and Efficiency of the 
ICANN Multi-Stakeholder Environment

Nominet supports the planned review of the Nominating Committee. However, 
the current thrust of the review is about the committee composition, the 
recruitment process and overall transparency. In my view, one of the key 
challenges going forward will be to recruit board members with the 
appropriate levels of skills and expertise to be able to provide effective 
oversight and leadership, who are also willing and able to dedicate 
sufficient time to this role. With this in mind, it is suggested that the 
review should be extended to consider whether the current process and lack 
of payment will result in such candidates coming forward in future, and 
whether board members should receive remuneration for their services.

Strategic Priority 5 ? Successfully Transition ICANN to Private Sector 

Nominet supports the introduction of mechanisms that report upon the 
openness, transparency and inclusiveness of ICANN. I note that a 
sub-section of this priority covers the implementation of best practice in 
accountability and transparency, but this is not repeated in terms of 
openness and inclusiveness. Neither is corporate governance fully covered. 
I would suggest that the introduction of reporting mechanisms does not 
fully cover the agreed intent of this priority and that the resultant 
action plan should include: 

The implementation of processes and initiatives together with reporting 
mechanisms that improve the openness, transparency and inclusiveness of 
ICANN and that incorporate corporate governance best practice.

I do hope that this feedback will be of use to you as you develop and 
implement the Plan and I look forward to being playing a part in the 
development of the strategic plan 2008-2011.


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