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Learning and one little stamp.

  • To: Tina Dam <Tina.dam@xxxxxxxxx>, Rod Beckstrom <stratplan-2010@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Subject: Learning and one little stamp.
  • From: "Thor R. Lundh" <rea.ltd@xxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 09 Apr 2010 14:06:34 -0700

Dear Tina,

I am hitting the books hard so I can learn to determine were I can best contribute if at all, since I am not a player in the community. In one of my first emails, I had mentioned infinite fractal geometry (i.e. "the Mandelbrot model) Were as it was my intention to include prior to http with a certificate from Verisign as deemed by ICANN. This is and was my intention. What has been used in general for a logo Branding also can be used as an incorruptible Certificate with a digital signature imbedded that can offer infinite security measures as well as compliance or anything one can imagine. It would seem that this would also apply and work with the reverse addressing as so forth from what I understand from the current model. It has been known that Microsoft as well as others has worked with infinite geometrical digital imagery and Mandelbrot modeling for NASA and other purposes. That infinite digital imagery theory is no longer theory, and also allows for the the icon placed before the http which in general is PDF as we know it today. Can in fact be a certificate that completes, solves almost completely resolving, language, security issues, branding, language, characters and so forth globally. This does fall under DNS as well, however is the only adequate architecture that I have found that offers a complete comprehensive protocol, a solution. In any event Tina, that little stamp could be provided in an allocated numerical order as it truly is infinite for impliitatlon to the new and existing systems. One world, One Internet. One little stamp that cannot be counterfeited with the capacity to preclude any cyber attacks, provide absolute security, allow for all Stakeholder interests and satisfy ICANN's wonderful mission and mandate with complete diversity and so forth. Can this be the case? I will work very hard as there are certainly many players, opinions, and personalities here. What an exciting challenge. Have a great week end Tina, I will be studying hard so I can intelligently contribute to the community and a healthy internet ecosystem.
With the most respect,

P.S. I gave my word I would not contact Mr. Beckstrom, however under the Stratplan2010, I cannot delete his name from the front. I do apologize Tina.

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