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Further Telnic disclosure & evaluation recommended before final ICANN Agreement

  • To: tel-tld-agreement@xxxxxxxxx
  • Subject: Further Telnic disclosure & evaluation recommended before final ICANN Agreement
  • From: "Michael J. O'Farrell" <michael.ofarrell@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sat, 6 May 2006 10:52:39 -0400

In reviewing the documents provided and published by Telnic through ICANN,
and the proposed ICANN-Telnic agreement, there seemed to be a lack of
clarity identifying the Supporting Community for the proposed .tel TLD.
Without a fully identified Supporting Community it is difficult to evaluate
and understand the true commercial potential and viability around granting
the .tel TLD to Telnic at this time.

In order to better understand the proposed ICANN-Telnic .tel TLD agreement
it would be helpful if both ICANN and Telnic could provide insight and
answers to the following questions:

  1. The Telnic .tel TLD concept is interesting, unique and has
  potential merit, but who is the Supporting Community? Why hasn't it been
  publicly disclosed?
  2. Without the explicit support from technology standards bodies,
  industry trade organisations nor the global Information, Communication and
  Telecommunication (ICT) vendor community, how can it best be determined if
  the Telnic proposed .tel TLD has the potential to fulfill its promise to
  deliver on its unique TLD value proposition? And, what are the potential
  risks and associated consequences to the TLD industry if it can not?
  3. As its Supporting Community has not been clearly identified, will
  Telnic look to other TLD markets to leverage its granted .tel TLD if it not
  successful with its current unique value proposition offer?
  4. Will the proposed ICANN granted $0.15 per domain Telnic price-point
  advantage be detrimental to current TLD industry viability?

In a very simple and transparent way, two recently approved TLDs have been
able to explicitly identify Supporting Communities to best provide insight
to the potential viability for their TLDs – why hasn't Telnic been able to
do the same?

Examples of Supporting Communities from two recently approved TLDs:

.travel - Travel Partnership Corporation (TTPC)

TTPC's current member organisations include: Pacific Asia Travel
Association, International Hotel & Restaurant Association, World Travel &
Tourism Council, International Association of Convention & Visitor Bureaus,
International Council of Cruise Lines, The American Society of Travel
Agents, International Air Transport Association, European Tour Operators
Association, and United Federation of Travel Agents' Associations.
Additionally, TTPC has increased its Supporting Community significantly
since being granted the .travel TLD. See the TTPC website for more details –

.mobi - mobile Top Level Domain Ltd. (mTLD)

mTLD's current member organisations include: Ericsson, Google, GSM
Association, Hutchison, Microsoft, Nokia, Orascom Telecom, Samsung
Electronics, Syniverse, T-Mobile, Telefónica Móviles, TIM, and Vodafone.
Additionally, mTLD has increased its Supporting Community significantly
since being granted the .mobi TLD. See the mTLD website for more details –

Note: Both these approved TLDs are currently contracted with ICANN at a
higher price-point than the proposed ICANN-Telnic agreement – why is that?

ICANN should consider further evaluation into the Telnic proposed .tel TLD
before finalising the proposed agreement in order to best serve the
interests of the stakeholder community and industry ecosystem it has set out
to govern and support. As new TLD innovations are always welcome by the
ICANN stakeholder community, all parties involved with ICANN and the
industry ecosystem created through domain space innovations should be
encouraged to disclose to the best of their ability how the global community
it is looking to serve with any TLD will be supportive of its
commercialisation efforts. If there is no explicit support demonstrated, why
should a TLD be granted and commercialised? What purpose would this serve?

In order to provide the ICANN stakeholder community with more insightful
information as well as demonstrate the true value and potential for the
proposed .tel TLD, Telnic should provide more transparency into its
Supporting Community, market studies, market sizing, and
pre-commercialization interests. An independent study evaluating the
potential success and viability of the .tel TLD would also be helpful to the
ICANN stakeholder community. In order to provide more clarity and
transparency, Telnic should be more open to disclosing information around
the potential success of the .tel TLD and prove its viability before final
ICANN approvals are granted.

With Telnic's full cooperation for disclosure, ICANN stakeholder due
diligence should be able to adequately address the Supporting Community,
viability and preferred pricing queries outlined in this posting. After
future review and acceptance of the ICANN-Telnic proposed .tel TLD by ICANN
stakeholders,  I look forward to Telnic securing and successfully launching
its proposed .tel TLD in order global communities to take advantage of
emerging TLD innovations in a fair and openly competitive manner.


Michael J. O'Farrell


mifon company

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