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Extend the sound reasoning of the IDN-Implementation Working Team

  • To: three-character-variant@xxxxxxxxx
  • Subject: Extend the sound reasoning of the IDN-Implementation Working Team
  • From: Antony Van Couvering <avc@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sat, 5 Dec 2009 06:16:21 -0500

I am pleased at the helpful conclusions of the IDN-Implementation Working Team 
Final Report.  The team's sound reasoning with regard to IDN variants should be 
extended to IDN TLDs in Latin-based scripts as well.

The suggested rules for IDN variants should be extended to Latin-based IDN TLD 
names.  Many names are referred to alternately with accented characters 
(locally) and without (internationally).   Applicants for these names should be 
able to request multiple spellings and use or block them as suggested by the 
Working Team for non-Latin-based IDN names.

For instance, a number of European city names have multiple spelling and are 
referred to internationally in different ways:

- München / Muenchen / Munich
- Köln / Koeln / Cologne
- København / Copenhagen

Country names are also affected:

- España / Spain
- México / Mexico
- Türkiye / Turkey

Brands are also affected:

- Häagen-Dazs
- Moët et Chandon
- Sèvres (Manufacture nationale de Sèvres)

Common words are also affected:

résumé / resumé / resume
naïve / naive
coöperation / cooperation

Personal names are also affected:

Zoë / Zoe
Buñuel / Bunuel
Brontë / Bronte

The Working Team's report says:

A TLD applicant may request variant forms of a base label and must classify
each variant as 'desired' or 'undesired'; 
•       Desired variants can be allocated to the applicant; 
•       Desired variants can be delegated to the applicant if the applicant 
agrees to
conform to the Rules outlined under Section 3.3; 
•       Undesired variants will be reserved and neither allocated nor delegated.

These rules should be incorporated into the Applicant Guidebook and extended to 
Latin-based IDNs and their variants (including non-IDN variants) as well.

Thank you for the chance to comment.

Antony Van Couvering
CEO, Minds + Machines

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