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Amendment for Partial Bulk Transfer in dot-COM & dot-NET

  • To: "vrsn-btappa-amendment@xxxxxxxxx" <vrsn-btappa-amendment@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Subject: Amendment for Partial Bulk Transfer in dot-COM & dot-NET
  • From: "Louise Timmons" <ltimmons@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 21 Oct 2009 16:38:35 -0400

Will Sec List .org wind up Go Daddy-registered domain name? Will NoDaddy .com? *LOL*

[url=http://www.icann.com/en/announcements/announcement-16oct09-en.htm]Amendment for Partial Bulk Transfer in dot-COM & dot-NET - Public Comment Invited[/url]

Regarding the Bulk Transfer after Partial Portfolio Acquisition ("BTAPPA") [url=http://www.icann.org/en/registries/rsep/verisign-btappa-request-29jul09-en.pdf]proposed by Verisign[/url] this past July, the language should make us nervous:

[li]Losing Registrar must certify that existing Registrar-Registrant [[b]registrant - that's us[/b]] Agreement with customers permits the transfer of domain names in the event of acquisition by another party. Losing Registrar must ensure that no obstacles are placed in the way of the Gaining Registrar.[/li]

So far, there is nothing in my registration agreement concerning "acquisitions" - related transfers. What does your registration agreement say?

Also, from the [url=http://www.icann.com/en/tlds/agreements/verisign/proposed-amendment-16oct09-en.pdf]amendment[/url]:

[li]If an acquisition, Losing Registrar must agree to provide at least fifteen (15) day prior written notice of the partial Bulk Transfer to all registrants associated with domain names involved in the transfer. Notice must include: (i) a statement that all Transfers Rules and Policies set by ICANN and the Registry shall remain in effect; (ii) instructions on how a registrant can opt-out of bulk transfer in the event that the Losing Registrar has indicated that it is willing to continue to serve as the registrar for the domain name.[/li]

15 days is not long enough - what do you think? It should be six months - at least enough time to transfer to a registrar of one's choice.

I never was a client of Go Daddy! This irks me! Is there a possibility my small portfolio of 18 domain names could wind up in the fold of Go Daddy-registered domain names?

If the rule restricting transfer within 60 days of renewal is still effective, it seems the registrant might be stuck, with only 15 days notice.

The amendment and language should specify registrants are allowed to select their own registrars within a higher-than-15-day amount of notice, pending an acquisition.

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