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tribunal of a JURY!

  • To: <vrsn-btappa-amendment@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Subject: tribunal of a JURY!
  • From: "Curtis Neeley Jr." <Curtis@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 29 Oct 2009 15:18:57 -0500

I am considering adding ICANN to my lawsuit for 'cybersquatting' or an
intentional trademark violation.  I plan to take a separate action against
Network Solutions who was the registrar who initially violated my TM.  The
Curtis Neeley Foundation will have in its bylaws to continually seek that
domain registry expiration dates be made private.  Back-ordering a domain is
prima facia evidence of a planned TM violation.  What is ICANNs stance in
regards to a domain expiring due to a owner's incapacity?  This is the
amendment or effect the Curtis Neeley Foundation  will push for:

No demonstrative intent to use a domain in commerce outside of third-party
ad-serving within X weeks creates a liability for infringement and
liability for a fine for the prior registry of a desired domain that a bona
fide business owner now desires to use in commerce for a good or a service.
As of XX/XX/XXXX a use besides third-party ad serving will be required.  A
domain not used in commerce outside third-party ad serving will cause a
liability for a TM violation regardless of the registration dates for the
relevant TM.  Publishing the expiration date of registry  is evidence of a
conspiracy to violate a TM if the domain can show it was ever used in

A use in commerce outside of serving third-party ads will be required by law
when we are done.  hat is ICANN's stance in regards to a domain expiring due
to a owner's incapacity?  Domain expiration dates should not be publicly
accessible and pubic disclosure be a registrar is evidence of an intent to
violate a TM.

The Curtis Neeley Foundation;
President: Curtis J Neeley Jr, MFA
2619 N. Quality Ln, Ste 123
Fayetteville, AR 72703
Voice: 479-263-4795
DISCLAIMER:  Curtis Neeley suffered a severe traumatic brain injury that
often very negatively impacts his communications.  He is often perceived as
blunt, tactless, self-centered and rude. Although Curtis has a severe
disability, he is determined to continue performing meaningful art.  The
Curtis Neeley Foundation is created to preserve and promote his artistic
photographic legacy.

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