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  • To: wdprs-comments@xxxxxxxxx
  • Subject: WDPRS
  • From: Eileen Carpenter <ekcarp@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 19 Dec 2008 22:16:36 -0500

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The form at <a href="http://wdprs.internic.net/";>http://wdprs.internic.net/
has no provision for bulk reporting that I can see.<br>
There is no provision for follow-up reporting if a registrar has
ignored the first report. This apparently just generates one more
report and treats it the same way.<br>
And criminals can still include one accurate item in a registration,
report themselves, and be protected from anyone else reporting the fake
parts of the registration until their own report is closed.<br>
There is no provision for confidential reporting. A false whois is a
false whois, and it can be proven on its own merits without relying on
revealing the identity of the reporter to anyone other than ICANN.&nbsp;
Registrars tend to pass reports down to resellers, and the reseller may
be part of the same criminal organization as the person who registered
the domain. There is ample evidence that reporting these domains can
lead to retaliation, such as the DDoS attacks against Castlecops,
AA419, URIBL, KillSpammers Forums, etc. and the frivolous lawsuits
against Susan Gunn, Edward Falk, and Henrik Uffe.<br>

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