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Whois Accuracy Study

  • To: whois-accuracy-study@xxxxxxxxx
  • Subject: Whois Accuracy Study
  • From: Keith Dunbar <keith.dunbar@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 17 Feb 2010 10:34:23 +0000


I read your report and would like to make some comments. I was not
interviewed and I know these details are not required but I would still like
to make them.

I have had my main top level domain registered since 2000 and until last
year all my details were my personal home details (as it is registered
personally). I was however concerned with my privacy and the fact that the
domain details could be used for identiry theft (or real theft if I
inadvertantly advised I was going to be away at a specific time - such as
doing a sponsored walk where I need the advertisement and to publish the
date). Last year (Late 2009) I decided to change my domain and I found a pay
as you go PO Box service that I decided to use - I still want to be able to
receive my domain certificate and correspondence but will accept a delay.

Personally I feel the whois database should have a privacy flag that anyone
can set preventing personal details being displayed to anyone other than the
internal registrar, icann, law enforcement agencies etc. so I can provide my
real information without the worry about privacy/theft etc. I would be
willing to reset all my details to be valid if this was the case (it would
also save money if I receive any post from the domain) but without it I do
not see a way round using a PO Box address or, as your survey has found many
people do, entering invalid details. I hope icann take this seriously and
work towards finding a solution for this as a priority before investigating
address validation.

Thank you

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