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Study Suggestion Number 17

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  • Subject: Study Suggestion Number 17
  • From: study-suggestion-response@xxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Fri, 15 Feb 2008 17:14:22 -0800

Submitted By:
[Redacted for privacy reasons]

Identify why proxy/privacy service users use those services.

The bulk of proxy/privacy service users shield their identities for improper 

How the hypothesis could be falsified:
The study may reveal that a large portion of registrants have legitimate 
privacy concerns and are not engaged in illegitimate activity.

If it is proven that legitimate privacy concerns are rarely the reason that 
registrants use proxy/privacy services and that they primarily shield 
cybersquatters, such services could be eliminated or limited in accordance with 
the extent of legitimate use.

This study, although one of registrantsâ?? subjective opinions, might 
compliment a study that categorizes and quantifies the kinds of content 
appearing at domains registered by proxy. 

Type of Study Needed:
A poll of proxy/privacy service users, either existing users or newly 
registered users, to determine their reasons for using a proxy service.  

Data that needs to be collected:
A random sampling of domains would be selected, and the Whois output examined 
to determine if each is registered to a proxy service. Those domains not 
registered to a proxy service would be ignored. Because many proxy services 
offer an anonymized e-mail relay service through which to contact the 
registrant, registrants of the remaining domains could be invited by e-mail to 
participate in the survey anonymously.

Questions testing the hypothesis that include the following could be asked:

â?¢     Reason for using proxy/privacy service (a multiple choice response 
would be simplest).

â?¢     Number of domain names applied for by the respondent during the past 
3-month period.

â?¢     The registrantâ??s self-description of the types of content available 
at the domain which proxy/privacy service is used.

Population to be surveyed:
Users of proxy/privacy services. 

Sample Size:
A survey professional retained for the purpose of conducting the study should 
be consulted. 

Type of Analysis:
The answers will provide insight into the motives of registrants for opting to 
use proxy/privacy services.  Questions such as the nature of the content at the 
registrantsâ?? websites could be used to test the veracity of registrantsâ?? 
responses concerning their motives.

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