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OPoC (the Operational Point of Contact) Supporter

  • To: <whois-comments@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Subject: OPoC (the Operational Point of Contact) Supporter
  • From: "Mark Savignano" <mpsavig@xxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 12 Jan 2007 10:28:36 -0500



I would just like to run some of my thoughts by you about Whois.


I have to pay to have my address and telephone number kept out of the phone
book. When I subscribe to something online I have to un-check a box to opt
out of any excess mailings or third party contact. My privacy is harder to
control than it should be, and it shouldn't cost more to have it.


I was a victim of Identity theft in the late 90's and I am still suffering
from it today. I have spent countless number of days working with layers and
law enforcement to get my credit back. I have won some battles and lost some
battles, and what this has to do with Whois, you ask, everything!  Any data
can be used by those wanting to cause harm or make an easy buck very easily.
With the use of the internet it is easier than ever to get data on almost
anybody. I tried to see how hard it would be to steal my own identity and
found it was rather easy, hence my reaction of hiding my phone number and
address. It doesn't seem like much, but it hinders a beginner. Whois
listings share this information with anyone who searches or has a clue on
how to get it. This information can be used for spamming, Phishing, and even
be involved or used in identity theft. This is also possible from anywhere
in the world.


I have a family, 4 boys. I would hate to have to go through the identity
theft problem all over again. You may say it is slim to none chance it will
happen from the Whois directory, but it is a possible avenue and one that
should be curbed. As other ways of obtaining information are closed off,
Whois will be a major place to find data, and very easily.  


I support Operational Point of Contact (OPoC). it is a good way to allow
those who want it, to have their privacy and still have piece of mind
knowing that one more avenue for wrong doers is closed down, although not as
good as the GoDaddy.com and Network Solutions registration approaches. It is
better than the Special Circumstances approach. I feel I have the right to
be protected, and I would not fall into the Special Circumstances approach.
I register Domain Names and get spammed all the time, even without listing
an email address on the site. The Email address obtained is from the Whois
listing. I am getting tired of having to do extra work to protect who I am
and also my family's safety. In this day and age, you can NEVER be too


Feel free to comment or respond with your thoughts,


Thank you for your time,


Mark Savignano



For those BCC on this letter, if you do not have this information, visit the
link below for an informative read.





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