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[alac] Fwd: [ISOC members] Internet Society 2003 Initial Election Slate Announcement

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2003 Internet Society  Board of Trustees Elections

Interim Report of the Nominations Committee
07 March 2003

On 24 January 2003 a Call for Nominations was published
for candidates for election to the Board of Trustees of the 2003
Internet Society (ISOC) Elections. (See:
http://www.isoc.org/members/vote/2003election/index.shtml )

This year two Trustees will be elected by the ISOC Organizational
Members and one by the ISOC Chapters. In addition to this, one
Trustee will be selected by the Internet Architecture Board.

The Nominations Committee received nearly 40 nominations.
Nominees were asked to confirm their willingness to serve and
if so, to provide the Nominations Committee with the information
needed for the evaluation of the nominees against the selection
guidelines as published in the call.

The committee has selected an initial slate of 4 candidates to
be placed on the ballot for the elections in the Organizational
membership constituency and 2 candidates for the elections
in the Chapters constituency.

The selected candidates to be included in the ballot for the
Organizational Membership Elections are:

  * Takashi Arano, Japan

  * Steve Crocker, USA

  * Detlef Eckert, Belgium/Germany

  * Pindar Wong, Hong Kong S.A.R, China

The selected candidates to be included in the ballot for the
Chapter Membership Elections are:

  * Christian de Larrinaga, UK

  * Rosa Delgado, Peru/Switzerland

A brief bio of the candidates can be found at:

This announcement also invites additional nominations by
petition for candidates for the 2003 Organizational Members
and Chapters Trustee Elections. Candidates for ISOC Trustee
should have a demonstrable involvement in the Internet. Such
involvement may, for example, range from participation as a
technology developer, researcher, user, network operator,
entrepreneur, policy maker (e.g. in government), to sponsor of
research and development.

Additional nominations for election to the Board of Trustees
may be made by petition OF THE CANDIDATE, and filed with
the Chair of the Nominations Committee at
<2003-petition-request@xxxxxxxx>. Separate petition mailboxes
for each valid petition request received will then be opened.

The petition request should include:

1. A statement whether the candidate wants to run for the
Organizational Members Election or the Chapters Election,
including a statement that they will be able to devote an
appropriate level of time to the activities associated with the
position of Trustee.

2. A short statement of what the petition candidate believes
they would contribute as a Trustee of the Internet Society.

All candidates seeking to petition will be listed in periodic
announcements to participating Chapters and Organizational
Members via electronic mail and the ISOC web site. Signatures
in support of a petition shall be filed electronically and must be
received by Monday, 07 April 2003 12 Midnight EDT. For the
purposes of this policy, a "signature" shall be an email
expressing support for the candidate's petition sent by the Election
Representative of a Chapter or Organizational Member that is
eligible to participate in this election, and is subject to ISOC
verification. The message should include the Organizational
Member's or Chapter's name and the name of the candidate
whose petition is supported.

Each signature must come directly from the supporter via email
to an address designated by the ISOC staff.  A supporter must
send a separately emailed signature for each candidate he/she
wishes to support to the candidate's individual petition mailbox.
This mailbox will be setup by ISOC.  Each petitioner shall be
provided with copies of all petition e-mails for his/her candidacy
and periodic reports about his/her status in obtaining signatures.
Announcements regarding successful petitions shall be made
as soon as practical, and need not await the end of the petition period.

For a petition to be successful a candidate in the Organizational
Members constituency needs the support of 8 valid signatures
and a candidate in the Chapters constituency needs 5 valid

Participating Organizational Members or Chapters can sign
petitions for candidates running within their own constituency
only. A Participating Organizational Member or Chapter may sign
more than one petition.

Successful petitioners will be placed on the ballot. The final
candidate announcement will be made no later than 14 April 2003.

Respectfully submitted,

The 2003 ISOC Nominations Committee:

Kees Neggers, SURFnet, NL

Carlos Braga, World Bank, Brazil
Fred Baker, Cisco, USA
Geoff Huston, Telstra, Australia
Michael Nelson, IBM, USA
Osten Franberg, Ericsson, Sweden
Toru Takahashi, Research Institute for Internet Strategies Inc., Japan

Esther Dyson Always make new mistakes! chairman, EDventure Holdings writer, Release 3.0 (on Website below) edyson@xxxxxxxxxxxxx 1 (212) 924-8800 -- fax 1 (212) 924-0240 104 Fifth Avenue (between 15th and 16th Streets; 20th floor) New York, NY 10011 USA http://www.edventure.com

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