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Re: [alac] revised draft for internal procedures

  • To: Vittorio Bertola <vb@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Subject: Re: [alac] revised draft for internal procedures
  • From: Thomas Roessler <roessler@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 8 Apr 2003 12:46:47 +0200

I'll send some additional changes later today.  Mostly, I'm fine
with the additions you made.

However, the private voting part requires some more thought -- from
a practical point of view, staff and liaisons received by ALAC will
have knowledge of private votes, if these are going to happen on the
private list, or on committee telephone conferences.  (Which I'd
greatly prefer over using explicit CC lists -- that only generates
errors.) The rules should be modified accordingly.

Also, the challenge process for private votes looks a little
over-complicated.  I mean, what's the attack model we try to defend
against here?  The chair mis-counting votes?  In that case, you
don't need a majority process to fix things.  Either the chair fixes
things, or the next vote is about replacing him... ;-) If a vote has
been faked by a third party, that can also be fixed easily, given
the size of the committee.

I'm wondering if we can get a password-protected archive of the
private list.  That would make some things much easier.

Thomas Roessler                        <roessler@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

On 2003-04-08 12:01:47 +0200, Vittorio Bertola wrote:
> From: Vittorio Bertola <vb@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> To: alac@xxxxxxxxx
> Date: Tue, 08 Apr 2003 12:01:47 +0200
> Subject: [alac] revised draft for internal procedures
> Envelope-to: roessler@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
> Delivery-date: Tue, 08 Apr 2003 12:01:48 +0200
> X-No-Spam: whitelist
> I have revised Thomas's draft about internal procedures. Main changes
> are:
> - terms of officers expire after Annual Meeting (so that the newly
> appointed ALAC members can immediately elect the new officers);
> - votes to be held at physical meetings or during telephone calls must
> be announced in advance and require a quorum (to avoid that people who
> cannot afford to be present at physical meetings or conference calls
> are excluded from the decision-making process);
> - a mechanism for private voting (mandatory for appointments) has been
> provided, with a public mechanism to solve challenges.
> Please expose any objections or comments as soon as possible.
> -- 
> vb.                  [Vittorio Bertola - vb [at] bertola.eu.org]<---
> -------------------> http://bertola.eu.org/ <-----------------------

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