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Re: [alac] About Technical Meeting in Quito, preparatory of RegionalMinisterial Conferencie of LAC for the secod phase of the WSIS.

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  • Subject: Re: [alac] About Technical Meeting in Quito, preparatory of RegionalMinisterial Conferencie of LAC for the secod phase of the WSIS.
  • From: Izumi AIZU <aizu@xxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 09 May 2005 13:23:31 +0900

Hi,I just used Google translation function, makes most of sense...

It puts 12: Remembering the Declaraci? of Principles adopted in first stage of the CMSI, particularly those of multilateralidad, transparency and democracy in gobernanza of Internet and initiatives already in march:

12.1 To promote dialogos, interchanges and regional cooperation on: national experiences in gobernanza of Internet; qualification in administration of resources of Internet (Names of dominion, numeros IP and protocols); institutional and tecnologicos costs of international interconnection, ciberseguridad, Spam and related aspects. Term: Half-full of the 2007

12.2 To participate actively in the work that develops the group of gobernanza of Internet in United Nations, while it exists. Term: Half-full of the 2005


At 21:01 05/05/08 -0500, you wrote:


I just arrived from Quito, i participated in a Regional Meeting about Information Society in LAC. (http://www.eventosinfolac.org/?newlang=eng)

This meeting was coordinated by UNESCO/CEPAL and was preparatory to the Regional Preparatory Ministerial Conference of Latin America and the Caribbean for the second phase of the World Summit on the Information Society. (http://www.riocmsi.gov.br/english/cmsi)

In this meeting the governments discuss about eLAC (the regional strategy for Information Society). One of the issues was Internet Governance.

The final version about "Internet Governance" issue is:

Meta 12:
Teniendo presentes la Declaraci…Ï de Principios adoptada en la primera fase de la CMSI, particularmente los de multilateralidad, transparencia y democracia en la gobernanza de Internet e iniciativas ya en marcha:

12.1 Promover dialogos, intercambios y cooperacion regional sobre: experiencias nacionales en gobernanza de Internet; capacitacion en administracion de recursos de Internet (Nombres de dominio, numeros IP y protocolos); costos de interconexion internacional, ciberseguridad, spam y aspectos institucionales y tecnologicos relacionados.
Plazo: Mediados del 2007

12.2 Participar activamente en el trabajo que desarrolla el grupo de gobernanza de Internet en Naciones Unidas, mientras exista.
Plazo: Mediados del 2005

(i don't have english version)

I was member of the Peruvian Delegation for the Conference, and i had the opportunity to distributed information about ALAC and ICANN. (Thanks Denise for the material for this).

I think is necessary more regional spaces to dialogue about "Internet Issues" to have the same level of knowledge in the dialogue.

The people from LACNIC (the president of LACNIC), was in the meeting too.

Well, i don't know if in another regions you have similar meetings o this kind of spaces?.



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