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sTLD Criteria # 4
  • To: <stld-rfp-comments@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Subject: sTLD Criteria # 4
  • From: "Ray Fassett" <ray@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sat, 12 Apr 2003 00:43:31 -0400 (EDT)
  • Reply-to: ray@xxxxxxxxxxx

There are 6 criteria described for evaluation with a maximum point total of
170.  The first five criteria totals to 150 points.  And for each of these
five categories, 75% minimum is required else the application is flat
eliminated.  This leaves open the possibility that an application can score
over 75% of 150 and still be eliminated.  How it is that the point totals
by criteria have been derived has not been made available for
interpretation as part of this period for public comment.  Given this, it
seems difficult to justify how it is that an application that can
conceivably score 80% (for example) from each evaluator be subject to
elimination while a separate application with a score of 75% of 150 from
each evaluator moves forward into the evaluation tiers.  This possibility,
should it occur, will leave the process open to common sense criticism.
Whereas third parties are to be brought in as evaluators, it is ICANN that
is establishing the point assignment by category for these evaluators.  The
fact that the points assigned to each category are already without
documented support (and by default not open for interpretation), it seems
far more fair and reasonable to allow the evaluators to advance all sTLD
applications that achieve a score of 75% to total points for the 5
categories (150) to the next stage of tier grouping rather than allow the
possibility of:

1. An applicant that scores 80% of 150 from both evaluators
2. This same applicant being eliminated because one evaluator assigns less
than 75% to one particular criteria, likely with some level of
3. An applicant that achieves 75% of 150 receives delegation from the same
process that eliminated the 80% of 150 applicant.

thank you,

Ray Fassett


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